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Porcelain tiles are a durable and resilient paving material that has established itself as a go-to option when it comes to tiling, both indoors and outdoors.

Although porcelain tiles are a popular tiling selection (and they grow more popular by the day), they are still a relatively new player on the scene, and there are a lot of unanswered questions when it comes to porcelain paving installation and maintenance.

If you’re looking into having porcelain paving installed, you may have found yourself wondering if porcelain paving needs to be sealed. If you're looking for an answer to this question, you’re in the right place! So, do you need to seal porcelain paving?


Does Porcelain Paving Need to Be Sealed?

To put it simply: no, porcelain paving doesn’t need to be sealed. One of the numerous benefits of porcelain tiles is its low porosity.

Porcelain is fired in a kiln similarly to ceramic tiles, but one key difference is that porcelain is fired at a much higher temperature. As a result of this the porcelain vitrifies (converts into an incredibly dense material). This vitrification leaves the porcelain tile with incredible strength, as well as very low porosity – in fact, porcelain has a porosity of under 0.05%.

Low porosity means that there is very little space in the composition to allow things like moisture to get in. If it helps, you can think of a sponge as being the opposite as a comparison. Sponges have very high porosity and can absorb large amounts of moisture. Having low porosity means that porcelain tiles are moisture resistant, stain resistant, fade resistant, and slip resistant!

If you’d like to find out more details about what makes porcelain such a fantastic tiling material, there’s a page on our website dedicated to the topic.

Why Choose Porcelain Paving?


And there we have it! Not only is porcelain paving a great way to upgrade your indoor and outdoor spaces, but it’s also a low-maintenance and durable option. If you’re interested in finding out more about porcelain as a paving option or want to see the quality for yourself, we’ve got you covered! Here at PrimaPorcelain we offer up to three completely FREE samples! If you want any more samples after that, it’s only £2 per sample!

If you simply can’t decide between the wide range of beautiful tiling options we have, you’re more than welcome to come and visit us at our South Wales showroom. You can browse the range of different tiles in person at your leisure, and get expert advice from our professional staff.

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