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If your tiles were made out of porcelain, you would soon start to see that porcelain was quite simply made to tile! Our houses are full of assigned materials that fit their function so perfectly: our tables are made from wood, our pipes from copper, and our windows from glass.

You see a material's look, properties, and performance define its place in our home, and although porcelain is still not entirely a household name when it comes to tiles, we are confident that as soon as people start to see it in action, it will be!

Porcelain Trumps Stone, Every Time

Here at Refin, we want our glorious porcelain tiles to be the first thing you think of when it comes to tiling your floor – we realise this won’t be a quick or easy task, but our confidence that it is doable lies in the sheer quality and superiority of our product. We want porcelain to overtake natural stone as the primary flooring tile surface, as it’s a much more competent material for the job!

Inside & Outside

Our porcelain tiles come in two sizes – In.Out 1.0 and OUT 2.0 – intended for both indoor and outdoor use. Whichever size or application you choose porcelain for you will be guaranteed a wonder material! Every avenue in which natural stone falls short, porcelain performs effortlessly better.

A Matter of Facts

Porcelain resists scratches, stains, and slippages, not to mention it being an incredibly hard-wearing material. If you choose natural stone to tile your floor with, you will have to dedicate labour every year to sealing and treating it just to keep it intact! You never have to worry about any maintenance with porcelain, and instead you can concentrate on relishing your exquisitely tiled floor!

Looking Good

Don’t think you have to compromise on aesthetics either, as porcelain is manufactured to mirror the finest of natural stones such as quartz, as well as invent its own striking and innovative shades such as Bluestone and Driftwood. We even offer a free courtesy sample of our tiles, just so you can be reassured of its striking appearance and resounding appeal.

If you have been considering any other material to tile your floor with, then we at Refin urge you to reconsider! All it takes is a quick look at the facts to realise that porcelain is the ultimate flooring tile.

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