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While some of you are more than happy with traditional styling, plenty of you long for décor that screams 2013! Our range of Bluestone porcelain floor tiles are the perfect choice for the effortlessly-cool and contemporary among you, who also want the benefits of our feature-filled flooring. If you want the perfect blend of convenience, style, and modernity, our porcelain floor tiles should be your only option!

We live in a world where the style and looks of your property are very important. People want their houses to represent themselves and their tastes, so getting the décor right is critical. Anyone looking to create an ultra-modern space is going to need the right flooring to complement it, and our Bluestone porcelain floor tiles most definitely fit the bill!


The colour and finish of our Bluestone porcelain floor tiles is everything – it’s what makes them so emphatic! We like to talk about the fact that our tiles are:

  •           Maintenance Free 

  •           Stain, scratch, and slip resistant

  •           Fire, frost and fade proof

  •          Quick and easy to install – as well being easy to remove if needed.

These are all brilliant selling-points, and a lot of them are down to the fact that these tiles are manufactured, as opposed to natural. Another huge advantage of this process is the fact that the look, colour, and finish can all be manipulated to an impeccable standard. It is this process that allows us to make these cool-blue porcelain tiles so striking! The textured finish of the tile mirrors that of natural stone, though it has a cleaner, smoother, more symmetrical appearance that is oh so modern!

We love the sleek and stylish look of our Bluestone tiles – you’ll love them too, almost as much as you’ll love how well they perform! Take advantage of our advances in manufacturing so you can enjoy unrivalled aesthetics, with uncompromised performance.