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We cannot think of many better ways to embellish your outdoor living area, than by having a beautiful porcelain patio laid. The smooth, silky, and shiny effect a porcelain patio can have on its surrounding area is something to behold! We’ve come up with 3 ways in which you can embellish your patio with our stunning porcelain floor tiles – we hope you share our vision come the end!

Cool Blue – Our Bluestone range of porcelain patio slabs embodies all things cool, and all things blue! One of the luxuries of porcelain being manmade is that you have some flexibility in the outcome of its colour and tone. This freedom allows unique and vibrant shades such as our Bluestone Design, and Bluestone Vintage to become a reality. As you can see by the example we used in the picture, cool blue porcelain gives an effect like no other! If you favour more contemporary styles, we cannot think of a better surface for your patio than our blue porcelain tiles – they ooze a crisp, clean modernity that is infectious!

Classic Limestone – We never like to pigeon-hole our products too much, as we think Bluestone could work in the right traditional property, and Limestone in a modern one; having said that, our classic Limestone range of porcelain tiles is a fantastic way to give your patio a warm, earthy rebirth! If our Bluestone range is an example of how we can create the new, our Limestone range is how we can better the existing! As you can see from our product range, these tiles create a warming porcelain patio like that of real limestone – but remember, as this is porcelain we are dealing with, your tiles won’t stain, scratch, or need to be sealed. If you want to give your patio a makeover, our Limestone tiles will bathe your space with a charming Mediterranean warmth.

Tile Transition – The last way in which you can truly adorn your patio with porcelain is all about creating a continuous transition. For this to make sense, it is worth telling you that for all of our outdoor porcelain tiles, we have a thinner indoor version in the same colour. This means you can have your patio and adjacent room tiled in exactly the same beautiful tiles! The effect this creates is sublime; as you can see from the image above, it does this by creating a uniform living space, and the results are truly breath-taking!

These simple tips can help you create a masterpiece of a porcelain patio! What we hope to have shown you is the versatility of our floor tiles; whether you’re creating an ultra-modern space, or a traditional retreat, our floor tiles complement your area beautifully. And, if you want to really create a synchronised-space, why not use our same alluring floor tiles inside your home as well?