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2015 will soon be over, and so it's time to look forward to the coming year and make some predictions for the trends that will be dominating the world of home design in 2016. Whether you're looking to revamp your home in the new year, or incorporate some subtle changes to give tired decoration a shake up, this list should give you some ideas for adding some on-trend additions to your home.


Natural Materials 

Whether it's marble, wood, stone or minerals, these Pinterest-friendly materials are sure to gain even more popularity in 2016. 
This minimal clock from MADE is a subtle and chic way to invest in the marble trend, while these stunning Agate coasters from West Elm offer a luxurious yet practical home solution. 

Mixed Metals 

While our passion for copper and brass accessories is set to continue in 2016, we should also see a rise in the use of mix metals. This could work by displaying a selection of metal items in a mix-and-match fashion, or by selecting pieces which combine metal touches in their pattern and design. 
metal home accessories
These copper edge mirrors from Cox & Cox add subtle dimension to a standard mirror, by adding a hint of colour and rounded edges. These metallic vases by Coral and Bone blend a variety of metallic tones to produce a lovely marbled finish.

Brining Nature Indoors

Plants not only work well with the natural material trend, but also add a touch of colour and homeliness to your space. The best part is that they are also good for your health, as they help to improve the quality of the air in your home.
modern home planters
These planters from Rose and Grey are a great way to display vines, ferns and other plants, while also adding elements of the metallic trend to the design. To display plants on tables, shelves and other units, these geometric planters from Hope and Willow provide a bright, fresh addition to any surface.
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Our porcelain paving products are designed to help our customers get the best from their homes, offering a range of stunning colours and textures to add a new dimension to any room. At Christmas, we realize that many of you want your homes to have that extra special something, in order to create the ultimate vibe of festive homeliness. Whether you're trying to channel the cosiness of a fireside Victorian Christmas, or the rustic meets modern aesthetic of Scandinavian chic, we have some great ideas that will help you make the most of your living space this holiday season.


1. Beautiful, Fluffy Rugs

Nothing says winter quite like seeing the streets lined with people in big, fluffy coats, and the same goes for your indoor space too! A cosy, shaggy rug can add touch of winter homeliness to your floor in seconds, while also remaining beautifully modern and stylish.
grey shaggy rug
We really like the texture and colour of this one from TheRugSeller, and we think it would look great with our Alpine Oak Natural wood effect tiles.

2. Minimal Christmas Trees 

Forget big, green pine trees, the new essential for the modern home at Christmas are these lovely, minimal designs. Whether you prefer the winter-touched twig effect or rustic wood arrangements, there are some lovely ones to choose from on the market at the moment, from both big brands and individual sellers.
twig treewood Christmas tree

We love this beautiful grey twig, light-up tree and these adorable oak designs, both from Notonthehighstreet. We think that either of them would perfectly compliment our bright Italian Limestone Ivory tiles, as well as the lovely muted grey of our Italian Limestone Mushroom paving.

3. Golden, Glamorous Candles 
Candles add instant warmth and Christmas cheer to any room, but some of the ones on sale right now are just too beautiful and luxurious to burn! Whether or not you end up lighting them, Christmas candles are an excellent way to transform any space into a welcoming, winter wonderland.

<alt="gold christmas="" candles"img="" src="https://www.primaporcelain.co.uk/news/FILES%2f2015%2f12%2fjlcanfinal2.jpg.axdx" style="line-height: 13.3333px;">
Prima Candles     
This pair of glittering, golden candles from John Lewis would look great by the fireside, and would make a fabulous addition to your  Christmas dinner table. They're ideal for the person who loves the glitzy, party aspects of the season, and would match perfectly with some of our warmer tiles such as our Italian Limestone Honey paving.
To view our full selection of porcelain tiles click here, or browse the rest of our blog for more great home improvement ideas!
One of the major advantages that comes with investing in Prima's tiled flooring, is that our material is virtually maintenance-free, thanks to its unique design and texture. The main contributing factor to the build-up of dirt and staining is a high porosity level, which means that the material is more absorbent and therefore more prone to picking up marks. Our tiles have a porosity level of only 0.05%, which means that they do not allow moisture to enter the material. This innovative quality removes the need for the application of a sealant, as well as the need for regular, thorough cleaning, alleviating all of the drawbacks associated with natural stone. 
tiled garden patio
Thanks to their anti-stain, low maintenance quality, the only upkeep you should have to perform on outdoor tiles is a clean with warm, soapy water once a year. This is simply to remove any organic debris, such as soil grass and leaves etc.  For those using their tiles indoors, a weekly mop is recommended to keep your tiles gleaming and pristine.
Although your flooring should largely stay crystal clear and stain-free, we understand that life can sometimes be a messy business. For this reason, we have put together a handy guide which highlights the best detergents and cleaners for particular stains, ranging from oils and rust to paints and pen marks. 

The quality and durability of Prima Porcelain's products mean that they lend themselves easily to both indoor and outdoor use, which makes them the ideal choice if you're thinking of unifying a space with matching tiles. This is a great way to give your home a sense of synchronicity, and works particularly well in rooms that directly overlook your garden. With matching tiles, you will be able to achieve a smooth and seamless transition between two spaces, amounting to a sleek and attractive finish.

When considering the creation of a space with matching tiles, it's also important to leave as little a barrier as possible between both areas, which is why we recommend that our customers invest in a set of bi-fold doors if they are looking to achieve this effect. The large glass screens are intended to produce a minimal, clean-cut impact, which avoids a sense of disconnect between your home and garden, resulting in a truly harmonious end product. 
If you would like to design and install a space with matching tiles in your home but aren't sure where to start, feel free to call us on 02920 803750 or email info@primaporcelain.co.uk. Our expert staff will be happy to give you advice and guidance for your project, and will even be able to create a 3D Design to give you an accurate, vivid impression of what your design would look like once installed. 
To see one of these spaces in the flesh, you could also visit one of our two showrooms in Cardiff and Slough, which both have display installations for our customers to experience!

Granite effect paving slabs

If you're looking for a durable garden paving solution, then granite may seem like the obvious choice - after all, what could be sturdier than thick granite paving slabs?

Well, believe it or not, granite paving is actually far from the strongest option on the market. Those heavy stone slabs can stand up to a lot of pressure, it's true, but they have a major Achilles' heel: porosity. Granite paving, like most natural stone products, is very porous, which means that your granite slabs will absorb a lot of moisture when they inevitably get wet. This in turn will cause stains and water damage, making your granite paving slabs look rather unsightly.

Fortunately, there is another way. If you want a durable patio solution with all the beauty of natural stone paving, our outdoor porcelain paving is a great alternative to granite. Porcelain boasts a significantly lower porosity than stone, and our slabs are every bit as strong and sturdy as any granite product.

We offer a wide variety of granite-like porcelain paving designs - use the link below to browse our full range!

View our stone-effect porcelain paving >

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