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Our Forest range is the ultimate in wood effect porcelain tiles! We all enjoy the beautiful grains, lines and whorls in natural wood, but with such beauty comes all the flaws of such a natural and porous material. Low-porosity porcelain is a superb alternative for all sorts of spaces!

Forest Oak

We've some great variety in our Forest range, including:

  • Forest Oak - These stunning wood look tiles mimic the natural beauty of oak, with all the super-performance of our Italian porcelain.
  • Forest Grey Larch - These gorgeous grey tiles have a far more cool and contemporary finish, and would thoroughly modernise just about any space.

Plus several other options!

Basically, if you'd like to decorate your garden with beautiful porcelain tiles that look like real wood, look no further than our Forest range!

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Do you want to create a contemporary look in your house or even your outside living area then our stunning Modena tiles and paving slabs could provide you with the perfect solution.  

Because porcelain has a lower porosity than their stone counterparts, you will never need to worry about stains, moss damage or staining. They are also very hard wearing and will maintain their texture and patterns for a long time to come, as they are particularly resistant to scratches and will not fade when exposed to prolonged sunlight.

These delightful tiles and paving slabs are available in 2 stunning designs: Gunmetal and Platinum.


Modena Gun Metal


Modena Gunmetal

Our Modena gunmetal tiles get their name from their slightly metallic appearance. These tiles will perfectly enhance any contemporary living space. 


Modena gunmetal tiles provide a stunning addition to any modern or classical design projects, and because they are available in 2 thickness's, 1cm and 2cm, these tiles are suitable to be used to add a modern edge to interior or exterior designs.  


Modena Platinum


Modena Platinum

These tiles are some of our favourites here at PrimaPorcelain. Just by looking at them it is easy to see why. These tiles instantly make any modern living area simply stunning. The light silver/grey hue of these slabs is what sets them apart. The neutral tones make these tiles perfect for both traditional/classical and modern interior and exterior design.


Modena Platinum Prima


Like the Modena Gunmetal tiles featured above, these slabs are available in 2 thicknesses, so whether you would like to transform your breakfast room into a stylish breakfast bar, or give your outdoor living space a new lease of life, you can be confident that these tiles will look great all day, every day.

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Porcelain flooring is an incredibly versatile solution for both your home and garden, allowing you to create a sleek and fashionable design without having to sacrifice on practicality. Although our customers are always impressed by the quality of our porcelain flooring products, they sometimes have trouble envisioning how porcelain flooring would fit into their home. While it may not be the first option which comes to mind when planning a home improvement project, it is likely to be the most hard-wearing and cost-effective of them all, and looks surprisingly impressive in a number of projects outside of the patio and bathroom.
If you're considering porcelain flooring but are stuck for ideas, here are a few examples of its multifunctional properties:

Clean and Crisp Transitions

Because we supply porcelain flooring for both indoor and outdoor use, our customers are able to create an inviting transition between their indoor and outdoor space. As you can see from the image below, porcelain tiles can be used to co-ordinate the inside of your home with anything from a casual dining space to a driveway, allowing you to extend your creative vision beyond the boundaries of your doors.
Indoor and Outdoor Tiles

Open Plan Harmony

The versatility and easy-to-maintain nature of porcelain flooring also makes it ideal for open plan living, due to the fact that it can create a sense of unity without looking out of place or being impractical for any living situation. It looks just as attractive in a kitchen dining area as it does in a living space, lending a sense of luxury even in small areas.
Limestone Champagne

 Attractive Utility 

Porcelain flooring is ideal for kitchens due to it's stain and slip-resistant qualities, making it safe for the preparation of meals, no matter how messy things get! However, it doesn't have to take on the traditional image of stone flooring, and can be produced in a number of shades and finishes. Take the Driftwood tiles (pictured below) for example, which emulate the notches and patterns of actual wood, proving that you don't have to sacrifice style for functionality.
To see the quality of our porcelain flooring yourself, order a free sample from our selection!
If you would like help to plan your flooring project, you can also enquire about our free 3D design service.
We love seeing pictures of our top-quality tiles in situ, and today, we've got a couple of truly spectacular shots to show you.
Quartz Kitchen
This kitchen belongs to a customer of ours in Cardiff, and of all the fabulous photographs we've received from clients who chose PrimaPorcelain for their projects, the snaps this person sent us are among the most impressive.
We often boast that our porcelain tiles are perfect for the kitchen floor, and this beautiful kitchen is ample proof of that claim. This customer opted for our ever-popular Quartz Twilight tiles, and as we think you'll agree, it was a wonderful choice; the variegated colour gives this space a truly jaw-dropping look.

Quartz Kitchen Prima

Click here to learn more about our porcelain tiles and why they're perfect for the kitchen. Alternatively, visit our Product Selector to browse our full range of styles and colours.

2015 will soon be over, and so it's time to look forward to the coming year and make some predictions for the trends that will be dominating the world of home design in 2016. Whether you're looking to revamp your home in the new year, or incorporate some subtle changes to give tired decoration a shake up, this list should give you some ideas for adding some on-trend additions to your home.


Natural Materials 

Whether it's marble, wood, stone or minerals, these Pinterest-friendly materials are sure to gain even more popularity in 2016. 
This minimal clock from MADE is a subtle and chic way to invest in the marble trend, while these stunning Agate coasters from West Elm offer a luxurious yet practical home solution. 

Mixed Metals 

While our passion for copper and brass accessories is set to continue in 2016, we should also see a rise in the use of mix metals. This could work by displaying a selection of metal items in a mix-and-match fashion, or by selecting pieces which combine metal touches in their pattern and design. 
metal home accessories
These copper edge mirrors from Cox & Cox add subtle dimension to a standard mirror, by adding a hint of colour and rounded edges. These metallic vases by Coral and Bone blend a variety of metallic tones to produce a lovely marbled finish.

Brining Nature Indoors

Plants not only work well with the natural material trend, but also add a touch of colour and homeliness to your space. The best part is that they are also good for your health, as they help to improve the quality of the air in your home.
modern home planters
These planters from Rose and Grey are a great way to display vines, ferns and other plants, while also adding elements of the metallic trend to the design. To display plants on tables, shelves and other units, these geometric planters from Hope and Willow provide a bright, fresh addition to any surface.
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