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If you're looking to update your garden, balcony, or another outdoor space, you'll want to select a product that not only looks good, but also provides you with a safe and easy-to-maintain outdoor living area. While there are countless products on the market that can offer you an attractive and stylish result on initial installation, many of these will begin to show signs of wear over time, and may even prove to be unsafe and unstable in adverse weather conditions. 
When it comes to planning your patio, you need to keep in mind all the aspects of outdoor life that the material will have to endure, from hot and cold weather to grime and rust. If you are planning on using the area as an outdoor dining space, or for other recreational purposes, it will also have to withstand the risks of stains and scratches.

Here are some of the benefits that porcelain has to offer over other patio materials:

Durability and Lasting Quality - 
No matter what weather it is exposed to, porcelain paving is able to retain its aesthetically pleasing colour and texture, even after constant exposure to the elements. The manufacturing process ensures that it is fade resistant  and is unaffected by the sun's UV, while the low porosity level means that it can easily tolerate sub zero temperatures. It is also a very dense and hard-wearing material, which means that marks from dragging furniture can be wiped away without visible scratching.
Thanks to the variety of grip factors, it is also very easy to find a product with the correct texture for safe outdoor use, while the low porosity level also means that the tiles are almost impervious to moisture, making them highly slip-resistant.
Simple Installation and Maintenance - 
As well as preventing damage and danger from frost and water, the low porosity level of porcelain paving also secures the tiles from staining issues and dirt build-up. This means that they can easily be maintained with a simple sweep and the occasional clean with warm soapy water. The installation process of 20mm porcelain tiles is also made easier by the fact that they can be dry installed, following the instructions here.
Find the full range of technical features here, or order your free sample to view the quality of our tiles up close before committing to an order.
Tiles Maintenance
Having put a lot of thought and effort into installing your new, tiled flooring, it's only natural that you will want the quality of the finish to last. Unfortunately, there are many issues which can affect your tiles both indoors about outdoors, such as mould, stains and discolouration. In an attempt to avoid these issues, most people invest in expensive sealants, calling for more expense and effort to be put into on your flooring. 
At PrimaPorcelain, we strive to deliver quality products that make your home and garden transformations as simple and stress-free as possible, which is why all of the tiles we stock are largely maintenance free. This eliminates the need to use sealants and expensive cleaning products, making the upkeep of your porcelain tiles as simple as possible.
Here's why our tiles don't require sealing and extensive cleaning:
  • 0.5% Porosity -  A low porosity level means that your tiles won't absorb dirt and water, making them stain resistant and frostproof!
  • Fade Resistant  - Our tiles are made in such a way that the raw materials cannot be separated, which means that the pigment is preserved inside of the porcelain. This makes it resistant to UV fading and other normal weathering. 
To see the full list of benefits which come from investing in our porcelain tiles, click here. We have also published an easy to follow guide which tells you how to clean your tiles, a straightforward and low-budget process which is explained here.
For more information, get in touch with us today! Our team would be more than happy to answer any questions you may have about our products! 

Our porcelain paving products are designed to help our customers get the best from their homes, offering a range of stunning colours and textures to add a new dimension to any room. At Christmas, we realize that many of you want your homes to have that extra special something, in order to create the ultimate vibe of festive homeliness. Whether you're trying to channel the cosiness of a fireside Victorian Christmas, or the rustic meets modern aesthetic of Scandinavian chic, we have some great ideas that will help you make the most of your living space this holiday season.


1. Beautiful, Fluffy Rugs

Nothing says winter quite like seeing the streets lined with people in big, fluffy coats, and the same goes for your indoor space too! A cosy, shaggy rug can add touch of winter homeliness to your floor in seconds, while also remaining beautifully modern and stylish.
grey shaggy rug
We really like the texture and colour of this one from TheRugSeller, and we think it would look great with our Alpine Oak Natural wood effect tiles.

2. Minimal Christmas Trees 

Forget big, green pine trees, the new essential for the modern home at Christmas are these lovely, minimal designs. Whether you prefer the winter-touched twig effect or rustic wood arrangements, there are some lovely ones to choose from on the market at the moment, from both big brands and individual sellers.
twig treewood Christmas tree

We love this beautiful grey twig, light-up tree and these adorable oak designs, both from Notonthehighstreet. We think that either of them would perfectly compliment our bright Italian Limestone Ivory tiles, as well as the lovely muted grey of our Italian Limestone Mushroom paving.

3. Golden, Glamorous Candles 
Candles add instant warmth and Christmas cheer to any room, but some of the ones on sale right now are just too beautiful and luxurious to burn! Whether or not you end up lighting them, Christmas candles are an excellent way to transform any space into a welcoming, winter wonderland.

<alt="gold christmas="" candles"img="" src="https://www.primaporcelain.co.uk/news/FILES%2f2015%2f12%2fjlcanfinal2.jpg.axdx" style="line-height: 13.3333px;">
Prima Candles     
This pair of glittering, golden candles from John Lewis would look great by the fireside, and would make a fabulous addition to your  Christmas dinner table. They're ideal for the person who loves the glitzy, party aspects of the season, and would match perfectly with some of our warmer tiles such as our Italian Limestone Honey paving.
To view our full selection of porcelain tiles click here, or browse the rest of our blog for more great home improvement ideas!

Granite effect paving slabs

If you're looking for a durable garden paving solution, then granite may seem like the obvious choice - after all, what could be sturdier than thick granite paving slabs?

Well, believe it or not, granite paving is actually far from the strongest option on the market. Those heavy stone slabs can stand up to a lot of pressure, it's true, but they have a major Achilles' heel: porosity. Granite paving, like most natural stone products, is very porous, which means that your granite slabs will absorb a lot of moisture when they inevitably get wet. This in turn will cause stains and water damage, making your granite paving slabs look rather unsightly.

Fortunately, there is another way. If you want a durable patio solution with all the beauty of natural stone paving, our outdoor porcelain paving is a great alternative to granite. Porcelain boasts a significantly lower porosity than stone, and our slabs are every bit as strong and sturdy as any granite product.

We offer a wide variety of granite-like porcelain paving designs - use the link below to browse our full range!

View our stone-effect porcelain paving >

Porcelain paving and deck boards
There are all kinds of different outdoor flooring materials on the market, and while we at PrimaPorcelain obviously believe that our porcelain paving slabs are the best of the bunch, we will concede that other options do have their charms. Decking, for example, can look fantastic in the garden - the real wood look is very appealing, especially if you're a fan of more traditional outdoor designs.
That said, timber boards also have plenty of drawbacks when compared to porcelain paving. For one thing, they require quite a lot of maintenance; wood must be sealed to prevent warping and water damage, whereas our porcelain products can handle the weather without any work on your part. You could, of course, opt for a low-maintenance plastic deck, but this has problems of its own: plastic is prone to bowing and cracking, and it never looks quite as good as real wood.
However, if you really want to add a deck to your garden, there is a way around all of the problems mentioned above, and it's called composite decking. This material is made by combining polymer resins with real wood fibres, resulting are the best of both worlds, requiring less maintenance than solid wood but offering a more authentic look than cheap plastic products.
Outdoor living space
If your heart is set on planks instead of paving, we'd strongly recommend taking a look at composite solutions - if you choose a good supplier, you'll get something that's attractive, durable, and low-maintenance, which will save you a lot of headaches in the long run.
Of course, there's no reason why you can't use both decking AND porcelain paving in your outdoor space. That's what the owner of this garden did, and look how well that worked out for him:
Decked and paved garden in Pontprennau
Porcelain paving and composite wood decking are natural partners: they both have an elegant, contemporary look, and they both require practically zero maintenance. Combining these two materials is a great way to give your outdoor living space its own unique style - contact us now to discuss the best way to use both of these products in your next project!
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