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Bolanzo White Porcelain Paving Patio 

Porcelain paving products are a relatively new to the outdoor tile market, but as word of their quality and reliability spreads, they are rapidly becoming a highly popular material choice.

As the demand for porcelain products increases, so does the number of individuals looking for more information about these new arrivals in the world of paving. What do they want to know? They're wondering what exactly makes porcelain so special, and why not stick with traditional stone paving?

One of the big issues with traditional stone paving is that, although it looks lovely when initially laid, it very quickly succumbs to stains and ages very rapidly. There are no shortage of products on the market promising to help seal your stone paving, or companies selling stone cleaning services… but what if you could get the aesthetic of traditional stone paving without all of the hassle?

One of the big selling points of porcelain paving is that it's low-maintenance, with porcelain paving companies promising an easy to maintain tile that you’ll only have to clean once or twice a year.

Is this too good to be true? And if these tiles are low-maintenance, does that mean they’re stain-resistant?


Are Porcelain Pavers Stain-Resistant?

One reason porcelain products are so popular is because they boast an incredibly low porosity – less than 0.05% in fact. Now, the porosity of natural stone can vary depending on the type of stone, but you’ll be hard pressed to find one even close to being as low as porcelain. So, what does low-porosity actually mean?

Porosity refers to the empty space in material; think of something with high porosity being like a sponge, filled with gaps that can absorb all kinds of moisture. When stone paving absorbs moisture, it can be incredibly difficult to get it out again. Since porcelain has such a low porosity, it makes it almost impossible for it to absorb any moisture at all; as a result, it also means that porcelain is very stain-resistant.

That said, we’d still recommend cleaning up stains as soon as possible, particularly if you spill stubborn materials such as red wine. If left to sit for long periods of time, such persistent stains can leave marks on your porcelain tiles that will need to be removed.

It's also worth noting that having low porosity has other benefits on top of being stain-resistant, including being very easy to clean! If you do spill something on your porcelain tiles, simple warm water with a bit of soap will be sufficient to move the spill.

Some further advantages of porcelain paving include:

  • Slip resistant
  • Frost proof
  • Fade resistant
  • Low maintenance
  • Aesthetically similar to natural stone
  • Increased thickness and durability
  • Scratch resistant
  • Incredibly strong
  • Versatility


If you want to find out a little more about the benefits of porcelain products, check out the webpage on PrimaPorcelain’s website dedicated to sharing all the reasons why you should choose porcelain.

There is no shortage of reasons that porcelain is the popular paving material it has grown to be. If you want to see the quality of porcelain products for yourself before you commit, click the link down below to explore the full range of products available from PrimaPorcelain and order free samples.

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If you want to find out more about why porcelain products are the best option for your next paving project, click the link down below to be redirected to a blog titled “5 Reasons to Choose Porcelain Pavers”. It explores some of the best reasons to choose porcelain paving products, and some of the advantages of porcelain over alternative paving materials.

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We hope this blog has given you a little more information about porcelain paving products, and what exactly makes them such a popular material option. If you have any questions about any of the specifications outlined in this blog, or about any of our products at all, reach out and contact our first-class team at PrimaPorcelain today and we'll do everything we can to help. 

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