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What's the best thing about OUT 2.0 porcelain tiles? That's a tough question, but thickness is certainly a major selling point. The colours are beautiful, of course, and the variety of designs ensures that there's a porcelain tile to suit any environment, but appearances count for very little if there isn't some substance underneath!

Fortunately, the OUT 2.0 have got substance to spare. These exquisite outdoor pavers are 2cm thick, which makes for a sensationally sturdy porcelain tile - other porcelain products are seldom any thicker than 9-12mm! This superior thickness is very satisfying from an aesthetic point of view, but this is about more than mere looks. Our 2cm porcelain tiles are specifically designed to be used outdoors, and the extra thickness means that you can install them without any adhesives or cement - you can just lay them down on the support pedestals and have done with it!

OUT 2.0 porcelain tiles are quite simply the sturdiest tiles around. The increased thickness means that they can bear far heavier loads, and the superb selection of designs that we offer means that you don't have to choose between style and substance. Our porcelain tiles give you the best of both worlds!

Which is more convincing: a thousand-word essay that’s packed with purple prose, emotive language, and several very good reasons to invest in some porcelain tiles...or a picture of those porcelain tiles in situ? Perhaps if you’re really keen on reading, you’ll choose the essay, but we’d wager that ninety-nine percent of people would be far more taken in by the pictures.

And that’s exactly why we’ve packed our porcelain paving website with so many pretty pictures. Regardless of how good our writing skills are, words alone can’t paint a picture as vivid as an actual photograph. Shakespeare himself would struggle!

So if our blog posts and product descriptions don’t sway you, we’d heartily recommend taking a look at our Outdoor Porcelain Gallery before you tighten your purse strings entirely. We can tell you all about how durable these porcelain pavers are, how they’re versatile enough to be used inside and out, but porcelain has plenty of appeal that simply can’t be put into words. You simply have to see it for yourself!

In short, then: if our words don’t convince you that porcelain paving is practically perfect, our pictures most certainly will! Check out the Gallery today.

limestone vanilla gallery 1

‘Vanilla’ is often used as a synonym for ‘ordinary’ or ‘dull’. It’s actually the most popular ice cream flavour in Europe, but that hasn’t prevented the name from becoming a byword for boredom. People complain about things that are ‘too vanilla’, but we have no time for this unflattering usage – it’s high time someone put a stop to it!

Our Limestone Vanilla porcelain pavers are a great start. They may be light and creamy, but they’re certainly not plain – the beautiful, breezy design would brighten up any area! The Limestone Vanilla pavers are a cheerful alternative to darker tiles that look closer to stone, and while you might think that the luxuriant cream veneer would be vulnerable to all kinds of mess, the porcelain is actually surprisingly easy to keep clean!

So join our crusade against the boring people who think ‘vanilla’ is bland – pave your patio with our delicious yet durable Limestone Vanilla tiles and show them all how dazzling a dash of vanilla can be!

Our OUT 2.0 porcelain paving slabs may be beautiful on the outside, but they’re tough as nails underneath. At 2cm thick, these slabs are sturdy enough to bear heavy loads and a great deal of stress, so your outdoor porcelain will stay looking superb for years to come.

If you’re concerned that the perfect porcelain veneer won’t last long in your busy garden, think again. The occasional wash is all that the OUT 2.0 porcelain tiles require; we believe that gardens should be enjoyed, not maintained, and our outdoor porcelain is as low-maintenance as outdoor flooring comes.

Most homeowners don’t think of their garden as a room of their house. Sure, it’s a living space that serves a particular purpose, but it’s not a room in the same sense as the lounge or the dining room – it’s just a patch of land out the back that would be a great place to sunbathe if Britain ever saw any sunshine.

But that’s not the kind of attitude we care to embrace. The garden is another room, and just because it doesn’t have a roof doesn’t mean that you can’t spruce it up a little. You’ve kitted out your kitchen with gleaming worktops; you’ve spent hundreds of pounds on making your bedroom and bathroom look beautiful; why let your garden go to waste?

One of the best things about our porcelain paving is the fact that it can be used both indoors and out. Our In.Out Porcelain Tiles are specifically designed to be laid in both the home and the garden, and this versatility allows you to have a floor in your garden that looks exactly the same as the floor inside. Pretty porcelain tiles are perfect if you want to make your garden feel like part of the house; simply lay the pavers in the room that opens out onto your back garden, as well as in the garden itself. This will make your outdoor space look like a continuation of your indoor space, and a rather stylish continuation at that!

We believe in making the most of every inch of your home, and that most certainly includes the back garden. If you’ve made an outcast out of your outdoor space, now is the time to make amends and reconnect with your garden using our beautiful porcelain tiles!