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Our porcelain comparison chart gives you at-a-glance information on the differences between In.Out and Out 2.0 porcelain, but what about the differences between all of our different colours? Aside from the small square images, our comparison chart doesn’t offer much information on that front, so today we’re going to take a closer look at some of our porcelain tile designs and help you make the right decision for your project.

Onyx tiles and paving are the latest addition to our range, and they’re certainly one of the most striking options we offer. The bold black porcelain has an impact that’s impossible to ignore, and this is a great choice for fans of modern, minimal design. Onyx will look strong and elegant in home and garden alike – what could possibly compete with it?

Well, our Limestone Vanilla porcelain is certainly a contender. In many respects, it’s the polar opposite of Onyx; light and creamy, with a neutral design that emphasises subtlety over definition. It’s an equally exquisite choice for both indoor and outdoor living spaces, and we’re not going to tell you which of these two colours is ‘better’ or ‘more attractive’.

Onyx and Limestone Vanilla are both beautiful, they’re just suited to different designs. Onyx is ideal for a contemporary, cutting-edge look, so if your garden is outdated or your lounge feels stuffy, Onyx is the perfect antidote. Limestone Vanilla, meanwhile, has a less obvious effect, and if you want a soft, soothing atmosphere – in the bathroom or conservatory, for example – then this is your best bet.

Throughout your lifetime – however long or short that may be – you probably have a few stand-out purchases that you adore. We hope that porcelain flooring can be one of those purchases you are so glad you made, and that you cherish dearly. Porcelain flooring is certainly worthy of being one of your best investments, and with the quality of our floor tiles you’ll be able to enjoy that investment for an age!

The idea of having porcelain flooring may seem like a new concept to you but we are no amateurs to the field. Refin have almost 50 years of experience with porcelain - they have perfected their techniques to be able to make thicker paving slabs suitable for outdoor use. This means you can now enjoy all the benefits of porcelain flooring in your outdoor living space.

What exactly does this mean for the customer? Well it now means the most superior flooring material around is readily available for you to start enjoying. We are quite confident in stating that it is the best because the facts speak for themselves: it looks as striking and as beautiful as any material out there, but no other material has such a low absorption rate. This means that no water or stains can penetrate through the tiles and hinder the look of your flooring.

Porcelain flooring is also very strong, scratch-resistant, and even slip-resistant. In fact, with all its qualities combined with the aesthetics of these tiles, you will need a seriously good reason not to start adoring porcelain flooring.

It is important to us here at Porcelain Paving that you understand why we are so passionate about our porcelain tiles. It is not just enough for us to show you a couple of pictures of porcelain tiles and implore you to buy our products; we want to share with you all the reasons that make our tiles so special, and why we think they could dramatically change the appearance of your living area.

Porcelain tiles are manufactured from the purest clays and minerals. These are then shaped by a process known as dry-pressing, and then fired at extremely high temperatures! The finished product are refin porcelain tiles – these are extremely hard-wearing, but also have a very low water absorption making them a superior choice to natural stone paving.

 The benefits of these beautiful tiles does not end here, here are the main reasons why we are so passionate about this paving: they require no maintenance as they do not absorb surface dirt and water; our particular line of OUT 2.0 porcelain tiles are also slip-resistant making them ideal for surrounding pools; they are also scratch-resistant, frostproof, and fireproof to boot. They are also easy to install, and easy to remove – not that you’re going to be wanting to remove them anytime soon.

Porcelain tiles add a touch of Italian style and elegance to your home or garden. Our OUT 2.0 porcelain tiles not only provide you with an unrivalled practical flooring solution, but they are also aesthetically pleasing too.

Our tiles are almost indistinguishable from natural stone meaning you get that same stunning paving with none of the drawbacks. The colour selection we offer is enough to capture the imagination of most people, and suit pretty much any kind of living space.

This article is only scratching the surface of porcelain tiles –which you cannot do with our tiles as they are scratch-resistant, remember? The basic thing you need to understand is these tiles are durable, beautiful, and so practical that you’ll be able to spend more time doing the things you want to do.

Although we think there are more than three reasons why porcelain floor tiles win, we have compiled a compact and compelling list of the top ones. So, here are the top three reasons why you have to consider porcelain floor tiles for your living area:

Maintenance – This really is a big one. Speak to anyone who has natural stone flooring and they will tell you of the hardships involved in maintain such a porous material. As our porcelain floor tiles require no sealer there is no maintenance involved at all! In fact, because these tiles have a porosity level of just 0.05% they need only be cleaned once a year – and even then you are only removing surface dirt and debris rather than any stains.

Strength – The last thing you would want if you purchased some quality porcelain floor tiles is to have them scratched, chipped, or even worse cracked; luckily for you there is little chance of either happening with our durable floor tiles. Porcelain floor tiles are extremely dense and do not mark even when heavy cast iron furniture is dragged along them. As they are baked at 1200 degrees 100% of the material vitrifies meaning you’re left with a super-strong and hard-wearing material.

Aesthetics & Transition – A brief look around our gallery will show you just how striking and beautiful the finish is with our porcelain floor tiles. They are pretty much indistinguishable from natural stone thanks to the mastering of techniques such as colour-shading, veining, and fossilisation – but remember, they won’t absorb all the water and scratches that stone also does. 

What you can also achieve with our floor tiles is a quite epic transition from indoors to outdoors. We sell two different types of porcelain floor tiles which differ in their thickness only, the thinner is actually intended for indoor use while the thicker is suitable for outdoors. This means you can pick a colour you like and have a seamless transition from your home into your garden – the effect this has is simply stunning as it amalgamates your space into one gorgeous living area.

Surely now you are at least a little bit intrigued by these superior floor tiles - check out our site for more information and images.

The roof can be a wonderful place to relax, especially at this time of year, when the weather is a little nicer than usual. Whether you live in a block of flats or your own full-size house, a roof terrace or balcony can be a source of some much-needed tranquillity, offering an ideal retreat from the hustle and bustle that may blight the rest of your home.

And don’t worry if your balcony/roof terrace doesn’t look all that appealing at the moment, because our porcelain roof paving will soon see to that problem! OUT 2.0 paving looks just as good in these environments as it does on the ground, and the easy installation process ensures that revitalising your terrace will only take a short while. Our 2cm paving slabs can be dry installed without any adhesives whatsoever, which makes for a quick, simple and clean process!

Roof terraces are superb chill-out spots that get you a little closer to the sky, so if you need a good place to relax and forget about your troubles for a short while, some high-quality roof or balcony paving from PrimaPorcelain will get you sorted in no time. Check out our Roof & Balcony page for more information, or email info@porcelainpaving.co.uk to get started!

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