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Boasting deceptive durability and unprecedented diversity of design, the power of porcelain tiles can make for a fantastic home flooring solution.

Best of all, this porcelain performance also translates to fantastic flexibility, particularly in terms of how and where you use these tiles.

Porcelain tiles are a superb solution to flooring functionality – both inside and out – and the combination of the two as an inside-outside transition can make for a stunning seamless finish.



Benefits of Inside Outside Transition Tiles

The list of benefits of porcelain paving outdoors is long and wide, ranging from its ability to withstand frost and moisture to its unrivalled fade and stain resistance.

However, while porcelain has a myriad of obvious benefits for outside use, it’s also the ideal surface for the inside as well.

Slip, stain and chip-resistant, porcelain tiles make for the perfect flooring solution for any kitchen, providing a great safety net in the event of a cooking mishap like a dropped plate or a clumsy spill.

Better still, this functional freedom also presents the perfect opportunity to blur the lines between interior design and your external property, blending the two into one expansive, free-flowing space.


Things to Consider for Inside Outside Floor Tiles

When creating an indoor-outdoor transition, it’s important to remember that there is a difference between indoor tiles and outdoor pavers. Inside tiles are typically thinner, measuring in at around 10mm, whereas outdoor pavers often measure at a thicker 20mm.

The reason for this is, of course, the practical needs of each. Naturally, an outdoor paver is going to need to be thicker in order to withstand the harsher elemental demands of the environment, whereas indoor tiles are specifically designed for an interior setting, featuring a smoother texture underfoot.

While most styles are available in both ranges, not all outdoor designs are available as an indoor tile and vice versa. As such, you’ll need to opt for a design that is available in both 10mm and 20mm format in order to create an uninterrupted indoor outdoor transition.

To avoid any disappointing revelations down the line, be sure to check your favourite designs are indeed available in both versions before you let your creative imagination run away with you.


Choosing Inside Outside Porcelain Floor Tiles

One of the biggest benefits of combining inside outside transition tiles is their innate ability to create space. The seamless nature of the transition opens up the boundaries of your interior, essentially allowing it to flow into your outside space.

That being said, a light-coloured tile can expand your space even further, creating the illusion that your property seems bigger than it actually is. Add a foldable patio door into the mix and you have the ability to bring your outdoors in and indoors out in an instance.

However, it may also be worth keeping in mind how you intend to utilise your outdoor space when choosing your transition tiles, particularly if you plan on having a pool or a hot tub. The level of traction of each tile can vary between designs, so it’s worth getting a paver with high grip rating if you plan on indulging in watery activities.


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