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Image Credit: Solveig Osk

Autumn is a busy time for the avid gardener. As the seasons change, so must the back garden, and if you’ve got a green thumb or two, we hardly need to tell you that you’ve got lots of pruning and tidying to do if you want your outdoor space to look its best this winter. Frankly, we’re amazed you’ve even found time to read this blog – you must have a lot on your to-do list right now!

Of course, that only applies to the green portion of your garden. Bloggers and columnists across the UK are currently telling their readers to prepare their garden for winter, but if your back garden is paved with our frost-resistant paving, you’ve very little preparation to do. No matter how cold it gets over the next few months, a porcelain-paved patio from PrimaPorcelain will barely even feel it. Unlike natural stone, which is highly susceptible to frost damage, our porcelain products are proven to cope with sub-zero temperatures.

Even if we don’t get a dusting of snow this year, it’s a fairly safe bet that things will get pretty cold here in the UK. We can’t help you with your plants, but if you want the rest of your garden to be maintenance-free this winter, we’d highly recommend our porcelain paving.