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When the nights are warm and the weather is fine, enjoying the outdoors in the evening can be a popular past-time.

In fact, it’s not unusual for family barbeques to run long and a summer social can often run on long after the last chunk of charcoal has lost its glow.

Avoid a premature curfew by accessorising your outdoor space with effective patio lighting and keep your garden radiant long after the sun goes down.


patio lights


Do I need patio lights?

For those that love the outdoors, appropriate patio lighting can be necessary piece or equipment. It’s also a great way to really make the most of your garden, adding hours of enjoyment to an evening.

After all, why should you have to abide by a daylight deadline? It’s your property and you should be able to enjoy it as you like.

But it’s not just a case of “any old lights will do”. The right lighting can make all the difference, especially when it comes to gardens at night.

Patio lights in particular can be the ultimate ambience enhancer. Choose wisely and your patio could become an enchanting site of visual delight the moment the sun takes a bow.


What patio lights are best for me?

There are hundreds of patio lights on the market, varying in shape, style and colour, as well as power. Here are a few of the most popular options to help get you started.

Wall lanterns

Ideal for illuminating a specific area of your patio, fixed wall lanterns can spread light into a chosen focal point of your outdoor space. They are also excellent all-weather lighting solutions that won’t let you down when the weather takes a turn.

Caged lights

Also known as coastal lights or marine lights, these caged lamps are reminiscent of the ones you would expect to see on a boat. Quirky and different, they provide a unique lighting solution that’s both stylish and memorable.

Hanging bulbs

Hanging bulbs can create somewhat of a festive ambience that’s acceptable all-year round. A popular choice among wedding decor and festivals furnishing alike, these trailing cables of colour can brighten up your patio perfectly and help add an element of fun to your outdoor space.

Table lamps

Found in a variety of styles and colours, cordless table lamps make the perfect light for a quiet night on the patio. Meanwhile, multiple lamps can be ideal for illuminating a smaller patio for a larger gathering. These are typically rechargeable, providing a reusable lighting solution that doesn’t require installation, while they can also be used indoors if desired.

Solar markers

Typically found in the form of pointed markers reminiscent of the Olympic Flame, these javelin-like stakes are the perfect solution for eco-friendly garden lighting – provided you have somewhere to plant them into the ground. They are also commonly available as spherical orbs that can simply be placed in an area of your choice, ideal for garden planters, flower pots and even window boxes.


Outdoor lighting tips

Once you’ve settled on the right light for you, there are a few other important things to keep in mind.

One of the most important things to consider is just how much lighting you’ll need. Be sure to measure the area to ensure you don’t overcompensate on lights or underestimate the space. This will allow you to buy the appropriate amount of lighting for your space.

Meanwhile, the light itself can also be a factor. If you plan on using your patio for entertaining and socialising, bright lighting can often be a bit of a mood-killer. Nobody wants a beaming spotlight in their eyeline when they’re eating, chatting or relaxing, so it’s worth opting for subtle lighting instead.

That being said, LEDs – although often bright – typically use a lot less energy than traditional bulbs, making them more energy efficient for your garden. Meanwhile, for an even more eco-friendly solution, solar-powered bulbs are obviously the king of clean green lighting.

Finally, bear in mind that lighting can also provide an effective security solution for your home. Keeping your entrances well-lit can deter intruders, while it can also make detection a lot easier, should you suspect something untoward is afoot, so it’s worth lighting your entry points well.


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