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Throughout your lifetime – however long or short that may be – you probably have a few stand-out purchases that you adore. We hope that porcelain flooring can be one of those purchases you are so glad you made, and that you cherish dearly. Porcelain flooring is certainly worthy of being one of your best investments, and with the quality of our floor tiles you’ll be able to enjoy that investment for an age!

The idea of having porcelain flooring may seem like a new concept to you but we are no amateurs to the field. Refin have almost 50 years of experience with porcelain - they have perfected their techniques to be able to make thicker paving slabs suitable for outdoor use. This means you can now enjoy all the benefits of porcelain flooring in your outdoor living space.

What exactly does this mean for the customer? Well it now means the most superior flooring material around is readily available for you to start enjoying. We are quite confident in stating that it is the best because the facts speak for themselves: it looks as striking and as beautiful as any material out there, but no other material has such a low absorption rate. This means that no water or stains can penetrate through the tiles and hinder the look of your flooring.

Porcelain flooring is also very strong, scratch-resistant, and even slip-resistant. In fact, with all its qualities combined with the aesthetics of these tiles, you will need a seriously good reason not to start adoring porcelain flooring.

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