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Natural stone paving products have come a long way in recent times and new sandstone ranges are now made of top quality materials meaning that you can acquire the beauty of a natural product in a number of environments both indoors and outdoors. The tiles combine versatility with very attractive colours and a superb texture. Sandstone tiles are designed with many hard-wearing features so that they can be used in kitchens, gardens, living areas, commercial settings and many other spaces.

The hammered porcelain tiles are visually stunning but also very resilient offering a moisture-resistant surface that is robust against abrasions and other marks. These unique qualities make the tiles durable and safe as any moisture soon evaporates preventing slips.

The sandstone range offers a number of impressive options to choose from:


With the light tones of the Sandstone White tiles, the effects of real stone are achieved but without the drawbacks. The tiles are constructed from state of the art porcelain manufacturing technology that results in a superb product with a fantastic appearance.

In addition the buff hammered tiles have been designed with minimal porosity that means, unlike traditional sandstone paving, they will not easily absorb water thus preventing stains and slippages and also keeping their appearance through their resistance to abrasions.

Sandstone White tiles are suitable for indoors and outdoors in residential or commercial settings, and different thicknesses can be chosen depending on the environment and specification.


Sandstone Grey is a sophisticated shade that is equally compatible with internal or external use and can even be used in both spaces to create a natural flow from indoors to outdoors for a unique look. The beautiful, muted effect of Sandstone Grey means that these porcelain tiles look good as part of classical internal decor or as a modern outdoor feature.

As with all the buff hammered porcelain tiles in this range, they also have built-in low absorbency and durability and are manufactured using top of the range techniques and come in thicknesses that match requirements and environment.


The darkest tone in the range of buff hammered tiles, Sandstone Black creates a singular, statement look that also retains the look of beautiful brushed stone paving. The striking appearance of this tile means it creates a sensational effect when used in the garden, or indoors in bathrooms or other rooms in the house, and it is equally fitting in commercial surroundings.

Therefore, it's now possible to get creative with sandstone products and re-model your home and commercial environment in a number of ways, including bringing the outdoors inside and designing breath-taking rooms that capture the exquisite appeal of natural stone.




Natural stone tiling and outdoor paving do look incredible, but it is very expensive, even if you find a quarry local to you to save on delivery costs. If you still want that amazing look but at a more reasonable price, why not choose a stone effect tile like the Stoneware range at PrimaPorcelain?

There are so many downsides to having real stone; the most annoying requirement being the need for it to be sealed frequently, more so if it is in contact with water. Our Stoneware range is made from long-lasting and beautiful porcelain and as such never needs to be sealed, even when used outdoors. These tiles will not be affected by water damage as they are not porous, this means they won’t stain or pick up any unsightly marks. Although our tiles look as delightful as real stone, all they need to keep them in pristine condition is an occasional wash with mild soapy water. 

What Colours Are Available?

Our Stoneware range includes Stoneware Sahara, a warm and inviting sandy-coloured tile that will brighten your living space. If you would prefer a slightly darker hue we have Stoneware Greige. You may not have heard of this colour, but it is a mix of sophisticated grey and earthy beige, perfectly designed to be a contemporary alternative to natural stone. 


Darker still are our Stoneware Charcoal tiles that will give any room a notable and distinctive look, but if you would prefer to lighten your indoor or outdoor area, then our Stoneware Silver range are a lovely grey-white colour that will do just that.


All our tiles are available in two thicknesses so that if you would like to join your inside and outside spaces, the same tile can be used to create a continuous flow from indoor to outdoor areas. Our 11mm tiles are perfect for indoors as they have a smooth finish. The 20mm version, however, is perfect for outdoors as they are specifically made with more texture to ensure a higher grip which is safer for outdoor living. 

As an additional bonus, if any of your family suffers from allergies our tiling can help with a much easier way of keeping dust and allergens at bay. Cleaning these tiles is much more effective than trying to keep allergens out of carpet or wood.

Whichever colour you decide to choose, you will be delighted with your Stoneware tiles and paving for years to come. With almost no maintenance required, they are the easy answer to beautiful living.

PrimaPorcelain's Bolzano Grey tiling was featured on tonight's episode of ITV Love Your Garden with Alan Titchmarsh. 

Our Bolzano Grey product was used to redesign the garden of Richard Price, a true hero and inspiring figure to his local community. Richard has been an active volunteer with Samaritans' Chester Branch for over forty years. Working as a branch director, training leader, listening volunteer and prison support officer, he has truly left a mark in the area. To this day Richard continues to train the volunteers of tomorrow, and he has been awarded a British Empire medal for his services to both Samaritans and the people of Chester. He and his wife Anne have been foster parents in the past, and Richard, a dog lover, has worked as a trainer for Guide Dogs for the Blind. ITV were honoured to help such a selfless and kind figure as Richard, and we are incredibly proud that in doing so our Bolzano Grey porcelain tiles were chosen for the task. 


Richard lives with his wife Anne, having met thirty-five years ago volunteering for the Samaritans. The couple have been together some thirty-four years, and as regular hosts for their young granddaughter Jessica, needed a garden which is safe and childproof. Likewise, the home also belongs to Gus, a retired guide dog, meaning the garden redesign needed to be dog-friendly too! The couple are also incredibly nature loving, spending hours on late night country walks together as a way to relax. As a calming influence in their busy lives, Richard and Anne were incredibly keen for their own patch of land to adopt the therapeutic qualities of the outside world, something we are confident our tiles can help with. 


The back garden is around a hundred feet long with a paved area, a small patch with chippings, followed by some lawn and a concrete area. Our Bolzano Grey porcelain tiles were the perfect choice for Richard and Anne's garden, due to their unique durability and stylish design. Our tiles are resistant to water, scratches and fading, meaning they can be installed in almost any environment with great success. Be it babies or dogs, our tiles are incredibly easy to clean and maintain, so Richard would be able to enjoy a fantastic garden without the need for copious time for upkeep work. Likewise, the slick Bolzano Grey colour of our tiles is well suited to almost any garden, giving an edge of classiness, calm and elegance. Our tiles helped to transform Richard's garden into a relaxing atmosphere he and Anne can enjoy for years to come. 


We are especially honoured that our product was featured on Love Your Garden, and even happier that it is going towards helping such a worthy and inspirational individual. We wish Richard and Anne all the best for the future, and hope they will love both their new garden and our Bolzano Grey tiles, for a long time to come!

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Thanks to Channel 4’s garden makeover programme ‘The Autistic Gardener’, PrimaPorcelain’s beautiful Quartz Twilight slabs have been featured on TV. Through the brilliant creativity of the show’s main man, Alan Gardner, our slabs have helped two couples to achieve the perfect shared gardens for themselves and their families.


Neighbours Claire and Tim and Jess and Karl wanted individual gardens which would be accessible to each other, mostly for the sake of their four young boys, who are great friends and need a safe space in which to have fun. With Jess and Karl hoping for something quite Mediterranean and Claire and Tim asking for a quiet romantic area, there were certainly a lot of different requirements to reconcile. Alan’s solution was to design complementary gardens, with a circular gateway-cum-maze installation halfway down the adjoining fence for the boys to enjoy and through which they could access each other’s gardens. With the children well catered for by Alan’s jet engine-inspired landscaping, PrimaPorcelain’s Twilight Quartz slabs brought sophistication to a Mediterranean-style patio area for the adults, as well as further down the garden surrounding their mini retreat hut.


With the chic yet simple style of Piedmont quartzite and subtly varying shades reflecting the look of natural quartz, PrimaPorcelain’s Twilight Quartz tiling was the ideal choice to show off the bright hues of Alan’s planting and the natural curves of the retreat. Both families were thrilled with every aspect of their new gardens and are all set to enjoy many years of an idyllic multi-sensory experience, relaxing on our beautiful slabs.

To view this gorgeous Mediterranean porcelain tile in greater detail, visit the product page here where you can order a FREE sample today!  

How to create an elegant look in your garden

No matter what size your outdoor space is, you can turn it into a little paradise if you know how to remodel it. You can transform your garden with the addition of some carefully positioned decking and tiles/paving slabs.

Two great products that combine wonderfully well to create a stunning garden

To achieve a light, chic garden design, it is a good idea to use natural, clean and gentle looking colours and all natural materials. Two products that are fantastic in this regard are TimberTech Silver Maple decking and our PrimaPorcelain Tirolo White tiles. The two-tone effect of the Silver Maple is undeniably chic and it will create the perfect space for entertaining outside. This two tone effect is achieved by putting each individual piece of wood through the manufacturing process not once but twice. PrimaPorcelain's Tirolo White tiles are ideal for creating a gleaming garden path or perhaps a small patio area for displaying potted plants, aromatic herbs and shrubs. 



Durability and reliability

The two products mentioned above do not sacrifice robustness for aesthetic appeal. Both are weatherproof, and are easy to wipe clean. The TimberTech decking is coated in individual thin plastic sleeves which does not diminish the effect of the two-tone grain of the wood but which does mean that if food or drink is spilled on the decking it can be wiped up easily without leaving any stains. PrimaPorcelain's tiles/paving slabs are also very easy to install in your garden, as no additional sealants are needed to make them weatherproof.

Get creative and discover new combinations

These two garden products really are the perfect match for each other. The ideas above were just designed to get you started off with your new garden design. Now it's time for you to take over. Let your imagination flow as you plan how to integrate TimberTech's Silver Maple decking and PrimaPorcelain's Tirolo White slabs into your outdoor living space.

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