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Adding a new dimension to your home sweet home isn't the only way to utilise our beautiful porcelain floor tiles. That sumptuous surface will also make a superb addition to any shop environment, so if you work as a shop fitter or a retail designer, why not consider using our tremendous tiles in your next project? The results will look fantastic, we assure you!

This beautiful retail interior uses our lovely Limestone Vanilla floor tiles, and it looks a treat, as we're sure you'll agree. The light-coloured porcelain flooring - combined with the light from those large windows - gives the whole space an airy, spacious atmosphere, ensuring that customers won't feel cramped or claustrophobic when they're browsing for a new outfit. A good-looking, cunningly-designed shop floor can improve the mood of consumers and staff alike, making the retail environment a better place for everyone. Oh, and don't worry - our hard-wearing porcelain with have no trouble dealing with the shop's heavy foot traffic.

And remember, Limestone Vanilla is just one of the beautiful porcelain designs we can provide. If you want something a little less neutral, we also offer stunning black Onyx porcelain, fashionable Bluestone Vintage tiles, and plenty of other tile styles besides. If you want to give your latest retail project an attractive, elegant edge, give us a call on 029 2037 1584 or email to discuss your requirements.

Our porcelain products are nothing if not beautiful. Well, okay, they would still be durable, versatile, and tactile, but you know what we mean – their appearance is a big part of what makes them so appealing.

Some of the images from our various galleries have already received some glowing feedback on Google Plus and other social media sites, so we thought we’d share a few fabulous photos here on the blog as well. Check these out (click images for larger versions): 

Classical, classy living room with Limestone Champagne tiles 

Modern kitchen with Driftwood porcelain tiles

Bright, beautiful bathroom featuring Limestone Vanilla porcelain

Kitchen Design

The garden isn't the only space that can be improved by porcelain tiles, and we're always up for a little bit of interior design chat here at PrimaPorcelain. We've been thinking about kitchen design rather a lot recently, and today we'd like to share this magnificently modern kitchen design with all of you.

This contemporary-looking cuisine makes use of our Driftwood porcelain, and we think that those wood-style tiles complement the rest of the room perfectly. Take a look at the larger version of this image, and imagine how much better your kitchen might look with some beautiful porcelain flooring!

We're always sharing beautiful design ideas like this one. If you've got something to share with us, or you just want to see what else we have to offer, follow Porcelain Paving on Twitter  - we're pretty friendly folk!

Porcelain Tiles for Interior Design

We're always saying that porcelain paving is perfect for prettifying your outdoor space, but as true as that statement is, it's worth pointing out that porcelain is a pretty good choice for your indoor space, too. Bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, hallways - all of these areas stand to benefit from a bit of porcelain. It's hard to imagine the room that wouldn't!

If you're not convinced that outdoor paving also works a treat when used indoors, a quick browse through our various paving galleries will soon have you convinced. For example, the image above is taken from our Bluestone Vintage gallery; we really love the spacious feel of this living room/dining room combo. The porcelain tiles have been used to create a sensationally chic atmosphere, at once pleasantly contemporary and appealingly vintage. And that's just one possible application of our porcelain tiles!

The superbly versatile In.Out Porcelain Tiles can be used - and the clue is in the name here - indoors or outdoors as you see fit. You can even install them in both home and garden; as we've discussed previously, this strategy has a wonderfully unifying effect, making your two separate living spaces feel like one glorious whole.

There are so many different ways to use porcelain tiles in your interior design. The images on our site will provide you with a wealth of inspiration, but don't feel that you have to do as we've done - the real joy of decorating lies in creating something that's entirely your own.

What's the best thing about OUT 2.0 porcelain tiles? That's a tough question, but thickness is certainly a major selling point. The colours are beautiful, of course, and the variety of designs ensures that there's a porcelain tile to suit any environment, but appearances count for very little if there isn't some substance underneath!

Fortunately, the OUT 2.0 have got substance to spare. These exquisite outdoor pavers are 2cm thick, which makes for a sensationally sturdy porcelain tile - other porcelain products are seldom any thicker than 9-12mm! This superior thickness is very satisfying from an aesthetic point of view, but this is about more than mere looks. Our 2cm porcelain tiles are specifically designed to be used outdoors, and the extra thickness means that you can install them without any adhesives or cement - you can just lay them down on the support pedestals and have done with it!

OUT 2.0 porcelain tiles are quite simply the sturdiest tiles around. The increased thickness means that they can bear far heavier loads, and the superb selection of designs that we offer means that you don't have to choose between style and substance. Our porcelain tiles give you the best of both worlds!