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Famed for their style and affinity for fashion, Italian design has long been regarded as the pinnacle of the design world, boasting some of the most luxurious products

That trend isn’t just reserved for the catwalk. Italian design has also had a notable impact on the world of porcelain paving as well, bringing the flair of the bel paese to your home.


Italian style porcelain tiles on grass


Benefits of porcelain tiles

Porcelain tiles from PrimaPorcelain are engineered for aesthetic allure and peerless practicality in equal measure.

Hard-wearing and durable, these top-quality 20mm tiles bring outdoor design up-to-date with beautiful state-of-the-art material that is built to last.

Highly resistant to scratches, stains and abrasions, these beautifully-crafted outdoor pavers are also treated to resist a variety of other outdoor eventualities, including fading, frost and slip hazards.

With a number of porcelain perks specifically designed for the demands of outdoor use, porcelain is the perfect material for your outdoor design.


The taste of Italy

So, now we’re all well acquainted with the power of porcelain, what of the Italian style that goes with it?

Here’s a few of the finest in vogue Italian tiles that can bring a taste of the continent to your garden space.


italian style porcelain tiles 


Available in white, grey and graphite colours, these clean-look pavers offer a naturally classy concrete appeal without the maintenance of the real thing.

Each shade boasts its own unique personality, ranging from light and breezy to dark and stormy.

With a textured finish and subtle colour variation between tiles, the completed design will boast a gentle variegation that not only heightens the authentic aesthetic but also looks visually stunning.

Bolzano White                                  Bolzano Grey                                     Bolzano Graphite


italian style porcelain tiles


Created with a distinctive silvery/grey hue that blends classic and contemporary design, these metallic shades provide a visual effect that’s as pleasing to the eye as it is underfoot.

The subtle differences from tile to tile limit the design variation, heightening the effect of a uniform finish. Not only does this finish look seriously striking, it also enhances the contemporary colours of the tiles themselves.

Highly textured for both grip and slip-resistance, it also provides an attractive stone-like appearance that won’t fail to impress.

Modena Gunmetal                                         Modena Platinum


italian style porcelain tiles 


Blending classic functionality with artistic flair and unusual design, these unique outdoor pavers offer a world of wood-look and faux-stone with outdoor functionality of 21st century materials.

Ranging from bright and elegant to deep and modern, this collection oozes charisma and personality, which culminates in a product that’s both easy on the eye and easy to maintain.

Tirolo White                                      Tirolo Grey                                         Tirolo Cream


Turin paving


Steeped in Mediterranean personality, these classically designed pavers provide a look that mimics marble, stone and terracotta combined.

Available in cream, grey and dark grey, these beautiful slabs channel traditional design with an update beneath the surface, that results in a finished product that offers beauty that’s virtually void of upkeep.

Turin Cream                                       Turin Grey                                          Turin Dark Grey


For more information on our Italian-inspired tile designs, why not drop us a line direct? Call now on 029 2080 3756 or click below to request up to three FREE samples.

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We love to brag about our exquisite Italian porcelain. We’re not sure why its country of origin should make such a difference – perhaps it just sounds more extravagant. ‘Italian porcelain tiles’ sound like they’re found exclusively in the gardens of sun-kissed Mediterranean villas, where orange trees line the horizon and the paving slabs warm the soles of your bare feet when you walk around without socks on.

The irony is that, actually, our Italian porcelain products are perfectly suited to the British climate. The UK is hardly know for its sun-kissed holiday homes and orange groves; perform a Google Image search for ‘british weather’ and the top three results will invariably be photographs of torrential rain and/or flooding. If you want good results from your outdoor living space, you’ll have to either move to a hotter country or put a bit of thought into the products you use. British weather won’t be kind to inferior outdoor goods!

It seems a little strange that Italians, with their climate, should be behind a paving product that’s so good in bad weather, but we’re not complaining! Here’s a quick look at why porcelain paving is such a shrewd choice of outdoor flooring:

It's not very absorbent. Natural stone has a very high porosity; this allows water to soak into the slabs, causing stains and moisture damage. Porcelain is far less porous, so there won’t be any stains – the slabs will stay fabulous for years!

It's slip-resistant. Whether by water or by ice, British weather can result in some seriously slippery surfaces. Anyone who claims to be selling a non-slip surface is fibbing, but porcelain paving is much more slip-resistant than stone, at the very least. That’s part of why it’s so great for swimming pool surrounds.

It's frostproof. Our Italian porcelain can cope with temperatures below zero degrees, so even the coldest environments won’t ruin your sumptuous slabs. Good news for Brits, and especially good news for Scots.

Autumn is just around the corner, and if you want a garden that can stand up to everything our weather will throw at it, porcelain paving is the perfect choice. Oh, and since we do occasionally get a bit of sunshine here in Blighty, it’s worth mentioning that our porcelain is also UV-resistant, so it won’t fade in the sunlight!

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