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‘Slab’ is a rather appealing word, isn’t it? It sounds nice and chunky, evoking a pleasantly thick piece of solid rock, weighty and near-indestructible.  Incidentally, that’s a reasonably accurate description of our quartz paving slabs; as the name suggests, they’re designed to look as much like natural quartz stone as possible. You’ll notice subtle colour variations from slab to slab, and this ensures that the paving is as eye-catching as it is authentic.

The true beauty of our quartz paving lies with its variety. As with all of our porcelain products, you’re more than welcome to order a free sample, but bear in mind that a quartz-paved patio is more than the sum of its parts. As aesthetically pleasing as the slabs are individually, it’s the way they come together that really sells the quartz design. With smooth creams, gritty greys, and even a hint of orange, this diverse assortment of stone styles blend seamlessly into one gorgeous whole.

If you’re interested in giving your patio this natural stone patchwork effect, get in touch with PrimaPorcelain today. The quartz paving slabs are easy to install, and they’re even sturdier and more robust than they look!

There's nothing quite like outdoor cooking. The sense of anticipation as the barbecue heats up, the irresistible aroma of food on the grill...not to mention how much better a burger seems to taste when it’s been barbecued. Yes, with the overdue arrival of summertime comes our annual opportunity to enjoy a little outdoor dining, and everyone is champing at the bit for a chance to light those charcoals. This being the UK, you never know how long a window of good weather will last!

If you’re planning to wheel out the barbecue next weekend, here are a few things to bear in mind. Some are safety-related, some are just there to increase your enjoyment, but all of them will help to ensure that your summer barbecue goes off without a hitch!

Be safe before starting
There are several different types of barbecue, but all of them can be dangerous and so it’s important to make sure that everything is as it should be before you get started. If you’re using a gas cooker, check your connections and hoses for damage before you turn on the gas – you don’t want any leaks! Disposable foil barbecues are great for an impromptu barbecue party, but be sure to place them on a surface that won’t be damaged by the heat. Porcelain paving is more fireproof than grass or wooden decking, but there’s still a chance that the heated foil tray will scorch the surface, spoiling that beautiful design. Be sure to put the BBQ tray on a raised, fireproof surface before you light it!

Make sure you've got something for everyone
Will there be any vegetarians at your summer cook-out? Is everyone happy with burgers and sausages, or would some people rather have something else, like chicken? Everyone has different tastes, so get a good variety of food and make sure that nobody feels left out.

Stand by your grill
This should go without saying, but once the barbecue has been lit, don't leave it unsupervised. We know that it's tempting to go and do something else while the coals heat up, but if something gets out of control, you'll need to be there to handle it.

Don't forget the side dishes!
Burgers and hot dogs are all well and good, but a good summer barbecue has far more to offer than that. It's all about the salads, and not just the leafy kind: pasta salad, potato salad, and bean salad will all go down a storm. And get a few different condiments - not everyone will be happy with ketchup alone!

Share and share alike
You may have noticed that a lot of these tips require a bit of forward planning, but organisation is the key to any good social event. Try to get a headcount beforehand, and buy enough for everyone to have an equal share. Oh, and don't let your guests get greedy - if somebody's hogging all the chicken skewers, tell them to back off and give someone else a chance!

Safe until the end
Even when you've cooked all the burgers and wolfed down the sausages, the barbecue will still stay hot for quite some time. Make sure the cooker is out of harm's way while it cools down; that means no branches dangling nearby and, in the case of those disposable barbecues, no strong winds that might blow it across the garden.

No matter what you're serving at your summer barbecue, remember to keep it safe and let everyone eat their fair share. If you're worried that your garden won't make a good enough barbecue venue in its current state, remember that our porcelain tiles will turn any garden into an attractive summer hangout.

driftwood gallery 2

Why have plain white porcelain tiles when you could have something a tad more interesting? Our delectable Driftwood Porcelain comes in a lovely light colour that will have all the same room-brightening effects as white tiles, but these pretty paving slabs have that little something extra that makes them all the more appealing.

So what is it that makes driftwood so delicious? If you ask us, it’s all down to the worn-looking surface. The distressed effect doesn’t sound especially attractive (after all, who wants tiles that look like they’ve been used before?) but take a glance at our Driftwood Gallery and then see how you feel about this design. Shabby chic design is very à la mode at the moment, and our wonderful wood-style white porcelain is the ultimate weathered flooring product.

Don’t worry, though; our Driftwood tiles may look a little worn, but looks everything. Beneath that shabby chic design is a robust paving slab that will stay beautiful for years, and it won’t require any near as much TLC as an actual driftwood floor would. If you think standard white porcelain tiles would look beautiful in your home or garden, you haven’t seen anything yet – our Driftwood tiles are sure to be lovelier still!

Porcelain Tiles for Interior Design

We're always saying that porcelain paving is perfect for prettifying your outdoor space, but as true as that statement is, it's worth pointing out that porcelain is a pretty good choice for your indoor space, too. Bathrooms, kitchens, living rooms, hallways - all of these areas stand to benefit from a bit of porcelain. It's hard to imagine the room that wouldn't!

If you're not convinced that outdoor paving also works a treat when used indoors, a quick browse through our various paving galleries will soon have you convinced. For example, the image above is taken from our Bluestone Vintage gallery; we really love the spacious feel of this living room/dining room combo. The porcelain tiles have been used to create a sensationally chic atmosphere, at once pleasantly contemporary and appealingly vintage. And that's just one possible application of our porcelain tiles!

The superbly versatile In.Out Porcelain Tiles can be used - and the clue is in the name here - indoors or outdoors as you see fit. You can even install them in both home and garden; as we've discussed previously, this strategy has a wonderfully unifying effect, making your two separate living spaces feel like one glorious whole.

There are so many different ways to use porcelain tiles in your interior design. The images on our site will provide you with a wealth of inspiration, but don't feel that you have to do as we've done - the real joy of decorating lies in creating something that's entirely your own.

We could spend hours telling you how great our OUT 2.0 porcelain paving is, but why take it from us when you could hear what one of our customers has to say on the matter? Ian Harrison lives in Llangollen, a small town in North Wales, and he recently added some Limestone Champagne paving slabs to his home's balconies. We're pleased to say that he was thrilled with the results, but once again, you don't have to take our word for it. Here's what Mr. Harrison himself had to say:

What a glowing review - thanks Ian! OUT 2.0 paving slabs are perfect for outdoor areas like balconies and patios; if that review didn't convince you that porcelain paving is the right way to go, take a look at these photos that Mr. Harrison sent us once he'd finished laying his tiles:

A porcelain-tiled balcony is perfect for an outdoor seating area.


Cool and comfy-looking!

If you feel like bringing this magnificent porcelain style into your living space, the first step is to order our free sample pack. Limestone champagne, as seen in the photos, is a fine choice, but don't worry if it isn't quite to your tastes because we've got plenty of other great paving colours to choose from. With any luck, your outdoor area will soon look as lovely as Mr. Harrison's does!

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