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As we recently discussed, our porcelain tiles are the perfect choice for more or less any interior. But tiles alone don't make a home, and if you're interested in using our products in your property, you may be wondering which pieces of furniture look best on the sumptuous surfaces we help to create.

Today, we'd like to provide you with a few answers to that question. Here are five of our favourite furnishings currently on the market - you'll notice that we've paired each one with the porcelain tile design we think would suit it best!
Thunderbird Armchair from Rume // Stoneware Pebble from PrimaPorcelain
This gorgeously curvaceous armchair (and indeed the matching footstool) would look fab in just about any living room, but we think our Stoneware Pebble porcelain tiles would suit the design particularly well.


Thorpe 3 Seater Sofa from Meet Your Sofa // Italian Limestone Ivory from PrimaPorcelain
The back of this sofa has a swooping curve that gives the whole piece a Renaissancey elegance that our Ivory style tiles would complement perfectly.


Diamond White Faux Leather Ottoman from Just Ottomans // Stoneware Slate from PrimaPorcelain
There are few combinations more reliably striking than black and white, and this ottoman's minimal design would really stand out on our Stoneware Slate porcelain tiles. To enhance this effect, you could even choose to furnish your entire living room with white pieces - a white armchair, a white sofa, and a white coffee table would all contrast beautifully with our black tiles.

Louis Chair

French Style Louis Chair from La Residence Interiors // Alpine Oak Smoke from PrimaPorcelain
The stylish grey cushions of this fabulous French-style chair would match the classy grey hue of our Alpine Oak Smoke porcelain tiles, which are designed to look like authentic grey wood flooring.
Soho Round Coffee Table from RetroFurnish.com // Italian Limestone Honey from PrimaPorcelain
We think that the rich wooden surface of this eye-catching coffee table would go rather nicely with the rich honey colour of our Italian Limestone tiles!
Click here for more great pairings, or visit our Product Selector to browse the PrimaPorcelain range in full!
We offer a range of different finishes here at PrimaPorcelain, each with its own look, feel, and grip factor. Some finishes are ideal for outdoor use, while others are better suited to interior spaces.
More information about the various finishes available from PrimaPorcelain can be found here, but today, we'd like to talk about one option in particular: our sublime Polished finish.
Our polished porcelain tiles are a superb choice for all sorts of different interiors. In addition to being suitable for many different areas of the home, they can also be used in a variety of commercial spaces, such as shopping centres, hotels, offices, reception areas, and so on.
Customers looking for polished porcelain tiles can choose from two different ranges: Vogue and Cosmo.

Vogue Porcelain Tiles

Our Vogue range consists of six superbly stylish porcelain designs, ranging from the light elegance of Vogue Cream to the sumptuously striking Vogue Black (pictured above). Our Vogue tiles are made from 46% recycled materials, making them a great choice for environmentally-conscious consumers.

Cosmo Porcelain Tiles

Cosmo is a full-body porcelain range comprising six different styles: Cream, Light Grey, Mocha Grey, Mid Grey, Dark Grey, and Black. Cosmo porcelain tiles have a professional-looking elegance that makes them ideal for commercial spaces (visit our Cosmo Gallery for some ideas), although they can be used to stunning effect in the home as well.
Our polished porcelain tiles are available by special order only. If you are interested in any of the products mentioned here, please contact PrimaPorcelain to discuss your project with a member of our team.

As we made clear last week, our porcelain tiles are perfect for a huge variety of interior designs. But an interior design consists of more than just a floor, and you may well be wondering what kind of furniture looks best atop our picture-perfect porcelain surfaces.

Well, that's what we're going to be looking at today. Our interior addicts have been scouring the internet, searching for furnishings that perfectly complement our porcelain tiles, and here's what they found:
Chaise longue and Alpine Oak Natural
Classical White Chaise Longue from Sweetpea & Willow
(Perfect for our Alpine Oak Natural porcelain tiles)
Few items of furniture say 'classical' quite like a chaise longue. This gorgeous design from Sweetpea & Willow conjures up decadent images of afternoons spent lounging in the living room, and we think that our superb Alpine Oak Natural tiles would look right at home in that picture.

Console table and Mushroom tiles

(Perfect for our Italian Limestone Mushroom porcelain tiles)
We love the rustic look - especially in the kitchen - and so our fondness for this weathered oak console table should come as no surprise. Our Italian Limestone Mushroom tiles would match the table's galvanised zinc top perfectly.

French bed and limestone tiles

Provencal Linen Upholstered Bed from The French Bedroom Company
(Perfect for our French Limestone Vanilla porcelain tiles)
Given that this charming, vintage-style bed comes from The French Bedroom Company, what better partner for it than our French Limestone tiles?! Both have a gorgeous look that's ideal for a beautiful bedroom!

office furniture

Senator Evolve Office Chair from Office Furniture Scene
(Perfect for our Burlington Pewter porcelain tiles)
Porcelain tiles are a great choice for the contemporary home office - they'll imbue your study with a breezy, breathable atmosphere that's very conducive to getting lots of work done. This brightly-coloured desk chair would look very striking against the neutral colours of our brushed stone-effect Burlington tiles.

dining room

Ascot Dining Chair from Swoon Editions
(Perfect for our Monza Black porcelain tiles)
Our bold Monza tiles make for a truly striking impact in the dining room, and we think that the ebony frame of this stunning dining chair would match our black-coloured porcelain to a T.
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With their beautiful appearance, stunning texture, and outstanding durability, we firmly believe that porcelain tiles are a superb choice of flooring for practically any interior. No matter which room you're revamping, we're confident that PrimaPorcelain will suit your needs perfectly - here are some examples:

Living Room
As this classy living area proves, porcelain tiles are great for making a lounge feel open, airy, and elegant.
Our products make great kitchen tiles - they look fantastic, and if you spill anything, you can just wipe them clean!
Dining Room
Our black porcelain tiles cut a bold figure in this dining room, but don't worry if the ultra-dark look isn't your cup of tea - quite frankly, any of our porcelain tiles would look tremendous in the dining room!
Vanilla bathroom tiles
The water-resistant properties of our porcelain tiles make them an ideal choice for bathrooms and washrooms.
Home Office/Study
Porcelain is a fantastic flooring surface for the study; it contributes to a cool, spacious feel that's very conducive to getting lots of work done!
The garden is part of your house too, and it should go without saying that porcelain tiles are the perfect choice for your outdoor living space!
All of this is just a sample of what our porcelain tiles are capable of - they're also perfect for the bedroom, the hallway, the conservatory, and anywhere else you'd care to use them. If you're keen to take a closer look at our beautiful porcelain tiles, order your free sample here.
Porcelain tile colours
If you are planning to decorate your home with PrimaPorcelain's porcelain tiles, there's a very important question that you need to ask yourself: "What colour do I want?"
That question may seem simple, but choosing an answer may prove surprisingly difficult - after all, we do offer around 40 different colours! On our Product Selector page, these colours are divided into five different categories: Creams, Beiges, Greys, Browns, and Blacks. In this blog post, we'll take a quick look at each of these categories to help you choose the colour that's right for your home.


Our lightest tiles are perfect for breezy, contemporary interiors, as well as for more classical, opulent-looking designs.


We're still in the lighter end of the spectrum here - our various beige tiles have a creamy class that's perfect for an elegant yet contemporary look.


Grey comes in many different shades, obviously, but if all of the colours in this category have one thing in common, it's style. The neutral tones are great for professional environments and cutting-edge interior designs.


Our brown tiles mix warmth with innovation, working equally well in contemporary spaces and alongside more retro styles.


Finally, our darkest tiles are perfect if you're really looking to underline your living space in style. Bold and striking, PrimaPorcelain's black range never fails to make a statement.
Still undecided? Why not order a couple of free samples?
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