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 A Porcelain Paver System Designed for Life.

If you’re looking to transform an outdoor living space into a high-class hideaway, then a Porcelain Paver System could be just for you. Consisting of top quality porcelain tiles, it couldn't be easier to install, and can be used indoors or out. With no need for sealing, the tiles are water and frost resistant, meaning once they’ve been put in place they won’t stain or fade, creating a sleek, stylish look guaranteed to impress.

We offer a wide variety of colours and textures that’ll allow you to create a custom-made effect entirely suited to you. Perhaps you favour a natural stone appearance, all without the kind of upkeep ordinarily associated with stone products? Because although the tiles are made of easy to manage porcelain, we think end result is one that’ll easily compete with any of the other, more costly products currently on the market. The safe Porcelain tiles and paving are environmentally friendly. Made from natural raw materials with minimal waste, which is recycled back into the manufacturing process, our porcelain contains no chemicals such as waterproofing agents, varnishes or resins. Unlike natural stone, they are not polished using lead and do not give off any gasses when exposed to flame.

It’s now easier than ever to have a Porcelain Paver System installed, particularly as you won’t need either cement or mortar. In fact, the system means being able to dry-install the tiles, something anyone with even a cursory knowledge of DIY can achieve. If, however, you find you need a little encouragement or advice, our team of professional installers are always ready to lend a helping hand. We also offer free samples of all our products, plus a cutting-edge 3D design service, meaning you’ll be able to plan your look to perfection right from the very start.

So, if you have an outdoor space you feel could be transformed into something really quite special, we’ve got the know-how to help you make that happen. An effective way to enhance and invigorate any alfresco setting, a Porcelain Paving System is a truly cost effective prospect, and one that won’t do any damage to the environment. It's a combination we're very proud of and, we feel, can’t be beaten anywhere else.

Order your free sample today to feel the difference.

Though our exquisite range of Italian porcelain tiles can transform your outdoor space in an instant - their beauty can be accentuated in many ways. The British weather appears to be slowly improving and we all look with anticipation towards warmer months where we can really make the most of our gardens - especially those who have Refin tiles already in place!

Our stunning outdoor tiles come in a range of beautiful neutral colours, and their aesthetic beauty adds panache and sophistication to any outdoor space, however, it is how you decorate the rest of your garden which will really have an effect on your home. We like to treat the garden as if it were any other room in the home, choosing the design, colour scheme, layout and accessories with extreme precision to create a stunning finish - and you can do the same! We've scoured our Pinterest account to find 5 of our favourite outdoor accessories that will really accentuate your Refin porcelain tiles and transform your garden into the best feature of your home. 

1. Lanterns 

Create your own Kasbah with the exotic look of our spectacular Mimosa Lanterns in aquamarine.

Lanterns are traditionally seen as a Moroccan-themed garden accessory, but they come in a variety of shapes, sizes, colours and designs. A lantern not only adds some interest to your garden, but you can choose to add pops of colour, a rustic element or even practically fill them with candles to light for a romantic look! We love the teal lanterns pictured above. Paired with our Limestone Champagne tiles you have a colour scheme to dream about! 

2.  Hammocks

http://www.topratedhammocks.com/hammockaccessories.php has some tips on choosing the right accessories (straps, ropes, covers, mosquito nets) for your hammock.

A hammock adds a really boho-chic vibe to any outdoor space, as well as being a completely comfortable and relaxing swinging seat for you to curl up in and enjoy the warmer weather. You can tie hammocks to trees or buy some gorgeous standalone ones - but they really add some character to your garden as well as being practically a comfortable seat you'll never know how you lived without. We like the stylish fringed one pictured above, but they come in all manner of shapes, sizes and patterns! 

3. A Fire Pit 

DIY Boulder Firepit so so inviting repin me by www.claudiadeyongdesigns.com

A fire pit will add warmth, style and sophistication to any garden. We love how they can create such a cosy atmosphere, allowing you to make the most of your Refin tiles and indeed your garden ever in the cooler autumn/winter months. The example above is a DIY boulder pit with suppllies purchased from a local hardware store, and the information on how to recreate it can be found here

 4. A Vibrant Flower Arrangement

wheelbarrow planting pot with flowers

Flowers and plants provide the most simple way for you to introduce a colour scheme to your garden. You can add some stunning and vibrant flowers in an interesting plant pot and it will really bring your outdoor space to life. We like the vintage wooden wheelbarrow pictures above with an assortment of feminine pink and purple flowers. It really adds interest and maintaining your flowers and plants can become a great hobby too! 

5. Comfortable and Attractive Seating


And last but not least, what is the point of implementing beautiful Refin Italian porcelain tiles into your outdoor space if you don't have somewhere to sit and enjoy them? Comfortable and attractive seating is the finishing touch to any outdoor space. It provides an area for you to entertain, relax, eat, drink, read - indeed if your outdoor space will allow it then seating should be an essential element of any garden. The best bit about it is you can carry on a colour scheme or theme and then sit back and enjoy your work when it all ties in together. 

Sunny garden

Why do people spend more time in the living room than in the garden? The answer is obvious – because the garden is outdoors, and therefore exposed to all the grim nastiness with which we’ve come to associate our British weather.

We’ve said time and again that the garden ought to be treated as another room of the house – just like the lounge or the dining room – but if you’re serious about enjoying your outdoor space, you’re going to have to think tactically. Here are a few tips for getting the most from your garden:

  • Never waste an opportunity! Unexpectedly sunny afternoon? Why not have dinner in the garden? Surprisingly warm weekend in the middle of autumn? Get the barbecue out and invite your friends over! Sunny days are meant to be spent outdoors, and the rainy days won’t be so disappointing if you make the most of dry ones.

  • Do something with it! There’s little point in having a barren, empty patch of lawn behind your house. Add some chairs, add a swingball set, add something – just don’t let it go to waste.

  • Keep it low-maintenance! Imagine a pie chart and split it down the middle. One half represents the days when you simply can’t go outside – maybe it’s raining, or maybe you’re just too busy. The other half represents the days that you could spend in the garden, but beware – if you make the wrong choices, you could end up spending a lot of that slice on maintenance when you could be relaxing. Go for low-maintenance outdoor products (like, say, Refin’s garden paving) and make sure you spend your garden time in the best possible way.

Today is the 25th of November, which means that it’s precisely one month until Christmas day. If you haven’t already starting planning for the big day, it’s high time you started!

There’s plenty to do, of course. You’ll need to sort out the food, the decorations, and – if your relatives are coming to stay – the extra sleeping space. And then there’s the shopping; people will be expecting presents on Christmas morning, and you can’t let them down!

But what about the part after the shopping - where does your family congregate when it’s time to open the presents? In the living room, perhaps? Or maybe you exchange gifts in the dining room, after you’ve polished off Christmas dinner?

How about in the garden? If you’re lucky enough to have a gazebo or some other kind of sheltered area out the back, there’s a feast of festive fun just waiting to unfold in your outdoor space!  You’ll have to wrap up warm, obviously, but spending Christmas Day in your own personal winter wonderland can be a brilliant alternative to the usual practice of lounging around in front of the TV. Christmas trees look great outdoors, and keeping it out the back is a great way to prevent those pesky pine needles from cluttering up your carpet. Put the tree up where it’s safe from the elements, arrange the presents underneath it, and add some decorations to create your very own cosy Christmas grotto!

The problem, naturally, is that traditions die hard and that goes treble for Christmas traditions. If you’ve got a big routine that you follow every time the 25th of December rolls around – wake up, open presents, have lunch, spend the rest  of the day playing with presents/watching Christmas television/getting tipsy – then you might find it hard to loosen up and squeeze some garden time into your schedule. But the beauty of this idea is that you don’t have to make time – you could open your presents in the garden, have some hot mulled wine and a mince pie outside, and then retreat indoors for  business as usual from there on out. The warm glow of TV will feel even nicer when you’ve been outside in the cold immediately beforehand.

Garden in the snow

Photo by Lee Jordan

Oh, and just to make that Yuletide scene even more picturesque, there’s a real possibility that it will come with a layer of white icing on top. There’s a 20% likelihood of snowfall this Christmas – higher if you live north of Yorkshire - which means that you’ve got a 1 in 5 chance of having some fresh white powder to shuffle through en route to your Christmas grotto. Just imagine how good your patio will look: present-pregnant Christmas tree at the centre, colourful lights and tinsel strewn about the place, and snow all around it. How idyllic does that sound?

Christmas in the living room is fine, but Christmas in the garden could be truly magical. Give it a try, see how you like it, and if it’s not for you, you can always grab the presents, scurry inside, and enjoy the sight of your gorgeous garden through a window while sat in the relative warmth of your house. That won’t happen, though; do it right, and you’ll still be out in the back yard by Boxing Day!

So break with tradition and do something different this December. Tell your family that they’ll be opening their Christmas presents in the back garden this year, and cross your fingers for some snow to frolic in afterwards.

There's nothing quite like outdoor cooking. The sense of anticipation as the barbecue heats up, the irresistible aroma of food on the grill...not to mention how much better a burger seems to taste when it’s been barbecued. Yes, with the overdue arrival of summertime comes our annual opportunity to enjoy a little outdoor dining, and everyone is champing at the bit for a chance to light those charcoals. This being the UK, you never know how long a window of good weather will last!

If you’re planning to wheel out the barbecue next weekend, here are a few things to bear in mind. Some are safety-related, some are just there to increase your enjoyment, but all of them will help to ensure that your summer barbecue goes off without a hitch!

Be safe before starting
There are several different types of barbecue, but all of them can be dangerous and so it’s important to make sure that everything is as it should be before you get started. If you’re using a gas cooker, check your connections and hoses for damage before you turn on the gas – you don’t want any leaks! Disposable foil barbecues are great for an impromptu barbecue party, but be sure to place them on a surface that won’t be damaged by the heat. Porcelain paving is more fireproof than grass or wooden decking, but there’s still a chance that the heated foil tray will scorch the surface, spoiling that beautiful design. Be sure to put the BBQ tray on a raised, fireproof surface before you light it!

Make sure you've got something for everyone
Will there be any vegetarians at your summer cook-out? Is everyone happy with burgers and sausages, or would some people rather have something else, like chicken? Everyone has different tastes, so get a good variety of food and make sure that nobody feels left out.

Stand by your grill
This should go without saying, but once the barbecue has been lit, don't leave it unsupervised. We know that it's tempting to go and do something else while the coals heat up, but if something gets out of control, you'll need to be there to handle it.

Don't forget the side dishes!
Burgers and hot dogs are all well and good, but a good summer barbecue has far more to offer than that. It's all about the salads, and not just the leafy kind: pasta salad, potato salad, and bean salad will all go down a storm. And get a few different condiments - not everyone will be happy with ketchup alone!

Share and share alike
You may have noticed that a lot of these tips require a bit of forward planning, but organisation is the key to any good social event. Try to get a headcount beforehand, and buy enough for everyone to have an equal share. Oh, and don't let your guests get greedy - if somebody's hogging all the chicken skewers, tell them to back off and give someone else a chance!

Safe until the end
Even when you've cooked all the burgers and wolfed down the sausages, the barbecue will still stay hot for quite some time. Make sure the cooker is out of harm's way while it cools down; that means no branches dangling nearby and, in the case of those disposable barbecues, no strong winds that might blow it across the garden.

No matter what you're serving at your summer barbecue, remember to keep it safe and let everyone eat their fair share. If you're worried that your garden won't make a good enough barbecue venue in its current state, remember that our porcelain tiles will turn any garden into an attractive summer hangout.

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