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Beautiful Cappuccino-Coloured Paving Slabs

Siena Cappuccino

Our contemporary Siena Cappuccino tiles are perfect for adding a modern, glamorous look to your outdoor living space. Named for their creamy, coffee-coloured appearance, these Cappuccino paving slabs look beautiful in all kinds of different environments, and more importantly, they’ll stay beautiful for years with virtually no effort on your part.

With their appealing texture and variegated colour, the Siena Cappuccino paving slabs might almost be mistaken for natural stone products.But whereas natural stone is highly porous(and thus vulnerable to water damage), our porcelain slabs have a very low porosity, keeping out moisture and protecting against unsightly stains.

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*A maximum of 3 samples may be ordered
Siena Cappuccino 2cm Textured/Grip
40 x 80cm
2cm Textured/Grip Paving

2cm Thick Siena Cappuccino Tiles

Our Siena Cappuccino paving slabs are 2cm in thickness, making them extremely robust and utterly ideal for outdoor installation. You can even use our pedestal support system to install your slabs without any adhesives.

Tile size: 40cm x 80cm.

Not sure whether Siena Cappuccino paving is the right choice for your outdoor project ? Email info@primaporcelain.co.uk to discuss your requirements with an expert!
*A maximum of 3 samples may be ordered
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Price Guide £ - This is our lowest price rating, meaning that this product is one of the most affordable options in PrimaPorcelain’s entire range. Products with this rating offer superb value for money, combining great quality with great affordability.
In Stock
In Stock This product is currently in stock. Your order will arrive promptly via kerbside delivery (a signature will be required, and you will need at least two people present to unload the consignment).
High Shade Variation Variation V4
High Shade Variation (V4) The V4 rating represents a higher level of colour variation between each tile / paving slab. Using this product will result in an eye-catching surface that encompasses a diverse range of shades and tones.
2cm Thickness
2cm Thickness PrimaPorcelain’s 2cm thick paving slabs are specifically designed for outdoor use. They can be ‘dry-installed’ using our pedestal supports or can be installed on to a suitable base using cement with an SBR bonding agent.
Textured/Grip This product has a textured, high-grip surface, making it ideal for outdoor use. A textured/grip finish can also be very visually appealing if you are looking to recreate the appearance of natural stone products.
Grip Factor 5
Grip Factor 5 Every PrimaPorcelain product is given a Grip Factor rating between 1 (very low slip resistance) and 5 (very high slip resistance). Please note that products with a grip factor of 2 or lower are suitable for indoor use only.
R Rating 11
R Rating 11Tiles and paving products are often assigned a slip resistance rating between R9 (low slip resistance) and R12 (high slip resistance). It is a good idea to look for a high slip rating if you are installing our products outdoors, on a slope, or in a high-moisture environment (e.g. bathroom, swimming pool surround).
40x80 Tile Size
40 x 80cm Each tile measure 80cm long and 40cm wide. TODO. (Please contact PrimaPorcelain for exact product dimensions.)
Rectified This product is rectified, which means it has been processed to ensure that each tile / paving slab is the same size and that all angles are exactly 90 degrees.
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