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ysgol glantaf

We recently donated 40 m² of our popular 20mm Limestone Ivory paving to Ysgol Glantaf in Cardiff! They wanted to transform their outdoor area to make it more appealing and accessible for their students.

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As a company with roots in Cardiff, we were keen to help this fantastic Welsh school and give back to the community. We know that the children and staff at Ysgol Glantaf will get years of enjoyment out of their new garden space and we're so pleased with how it turned out.

What Ysgol Glantaf Said:

“We would like to say a big thank you – the garden is lovely and we have already spent a lot of time working and playing there. Having the garden has made a huge difference to us all. It is a safe place for us to have some fresh air and move about.”

The project was featured on an episode of Prosiect Pum Mil on the Welsh TV channel S4C that aired on Sunday 29th November. The programme's presenter, Trystan Ellis-Morris visited our showroom in Cardiff to discuss the project. To cover the necessary area, we gifted them roughly £1,200 worth of Limestone Ivory paving. We're so pleased we did because the finished space looks amazing

If you missed the episode of Prosiect Pum Mil that we featured on, you can catch up on BBC iPlayer. Click the button below to watch it now!

Watch the episode on BBC iPlayer

If you'd like to learn more about our Limestone Ivory paving, or if you'd like to collaborate on a similar project, please don't hesitate to get in touch. You can also order up to 3 free paving samples here!

how to cut porcelain slabs

The porcelain slabs that we supply here at PrimaPorcelain come in a range of standard sizes including, 40cm x 80cm, 60cm x 60cm and 20cm x 120cm. However, when it comes to laying your new porcelain paving in your home or garden, you may need to cut the slabs down to fit in a certain gap or around an existing feature. In this blog, we'll talk you through the equipment you'll need and the method you should use to cut your porcelain slabs up safely. Our full installation resource can be found here

To cut porcelain slabs, you will need:

  • A circular saw
  • Durable cutting blade
  • Gloves
  • Safety goggles
  • Mask

1. Safety precautions

Before you start cutting your porcelain slabs, it's paramount that you take the necessary safety precautions. While cutting your porcelain slabs, you may see flecks of stone and dust in the air. These can be dangerous because they might a) hit you at force and cause an injury or b) enter your lungs and cause irritation. Therefore, you should make sure that you have and use appropriate personal protective equipment (listed above) before cutting your porcelain slabs. 

2. Choosing a circular saw

Here at PrimaPorcelain, we recommend the Rubi TC-180 circular saw which is designed for cutting porcelain. This comes with two different blade options, the dry blade (model number Rubi TCR31975 180mm), or the wet blade (model number Rubi CPC230955 180mm).

3. Choosing the right blades

Porcelain slabs are notoriously hard and dense, which means a regular circular saw might not be capable of slicing through them. Cheap blades will wear down very quickly and are far more likely to chip or shatter your porcelain slabs as you make your cuts. We'd recommend investing in a high-quality diamond blade for your circular saw. This will ensure that the cuts are clean and will reduce the likelihood of broken or damaged tiles.

We often recommend that our clients use a wet blade to cut their porcelain slabs because this method allows the most precise cuts. The water keeps the blade cool while it cuts through the tough material, this means there's less friction which means less chance of a crack or split. 

Cutting the tiles

To cut your porcelain slabs accurately, we'd recommend marking where you need to cut. This ensures that you get a straight and precise finish. Line the circular saw up with your pre-drawn mark and begin to cut down into the tile, applying light pressure.

One of the biggest tips we can give you is to take your time! Porcelain slabs are notoriously hard and brittle and will begin to chip if you cut too deep too quickly. Ideally, you'll be using a wet blade which, as we've previously mentioned, will help to keep the blade cool as well as making for a cleaner cut. 

If you want to cut your porcelain tiles along a curve or radius, you may need to use a hand-held circular saw rather than a fixed one, to allow you to create a contour as you cut. This method is perfect if you have garden features that you need to work around. 

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Hopefully, this guide will help you cut your porcelain tiles in a safe and accurate manner. Feel free to give us a call if you have any questions about installation - 029 2080 3756.

Our porcelain tiles come in a wide variety of different colours, but if you want your outdoor space to be as bright and as beautiful as possible, there's only one way to go. We offer a stunning selection of white outdoor tiles that are sure to bring your garden to life!

White outdoor tiles

Pictured: 20mm Tirolo White Paving

Our white outdoor tiles are:

  • Highly durable
  • Low maintenance
  • Easy to clean
  • Weather resistant
  • Rectified for a flawless finish

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Case Study: White Outdoor Tiles in South Wales

Our white porcelain pavers were used to create a truly spectacular raised patio on the South Wales coast. Read more here or watch the video below!

If you think our white outdoor tiles would be a perfect fit for your property, call PrimaPorcelain on 029 2080 3756 or order your FREE tile samples to take a closer look!

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For centuries, natural materials have been used in interior and exterior designs to create a traditional, rustic feel. Incorporating nature into your living space undoubtedly creates a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere, but the problems start to arise when you learn how much maintenance natural materials require.

Whether it's, real wood flooring or natural stone paving, anything that you bring into your home from the outside world will need care and attention. We're sure, like most people, you live a very hectic, busy life where finding time to water the plants can sometimes be a struggle! So trying to avoid accidental spills and spending hours applying a sealant to your new floor probably doesn't sound very appealing. 

Luckily, there are alternative options that allow you to bring the natural charm of the outdoors into your home without demanding constant care and maintenance. Today we explore some of the ways you can use our natural-looking porcelain tiles to create a beautiful, natural, fuss-free space in your home!


forest larch paving

All Natural

There's no denying that real wood makes a room look instantly warmer and cosier. Clean, all-white rooms can look really chic (but can also look a bit clinical). Thankfully, there are ways to achieve a real-wood appearance without worrying about potential drawbacks. In normal circumstances, it would be a terrible idea to use wood flooring for a bathroom. Just think about it, it would absorb water, warp out of shape and rot and eventually need completely replacing. 

Here you can see how this homeowner was able to create a cosy, wood-effect bathroom without the potential hazards of real-wood. To create this look, they used our Forest Grey Larch paving, some floating wooden cabinets and some soft grey furnishings to create a minimal, natural space that will last for years to come. 

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natural and modern

Combine Natural & Contemporary

Here you can see how our real-stone effect Quartz Twilight paving has been used to create an ultra-modern kitchen space. The homeowner has added lots of natural touches like the wooden worktops, the organic-shaped glass lampshades and (of course) the flooring. To contrast this, they've gone for bold black patio doors, floor level LED's and a cool grey feature wall. 

This looks like the perfect place to host parties and, luckily, with PrimaPorcelain paving this homeowner won't need to worry about red wine stains or muddy footprints. All that our Quartz Twilight paving needs is a quick wipe over with warm soapy water and any remnants of the night before will lift right off!

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richmond silver

Add a Splash of Colour

Another way that you can use natural-looking materials in your home, is as a neutral base for brighter pops of colour and pattern. You can see how the homeowner above combined our effortlessly elegant Richmond Silver paving with a bold, low-level yellow sofa and an assortment of naturally patterned cushions. The finished outdoor space is lively, vibrant and appealing - the perfect place to entertain guests or enjoy a summers evening at home.

The soft natural grey tones and real-stone texture contrast with the soft, sunshine yellow sofa work together wonderfully, but we're sure you could add whatever splash of colour you prefer. The benefit of choosing our natural-looking Richmond range for this bright outdoor space is that, unlike natural stone, it has a very low and consistent porosity level. This helps prevent the paving from taking on water and becoming cracked & damaged over time. 

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We hope you found our suggestions about how to use natural-looking materials in your home helpful. There are so many benefits to choosing manmade over natural, especially when it comes to care and longevity. Get in touch if you'd like to find out more about our natural-looking paving, then don't hesitate to get in touch 029 2080 3756

Here at PrimaPorcelain, we know that real wood is a highly desirable and stylish flooring option. It's traditional, it creates a cosy atmosphere and it's been a firm favourite of interior designers for years. But, there's a catch. It can be a real nightmare to take care of! 

No matter how hard you try to avoid those accidental spills, muddy shoe stains (that could have been avoided if someone remembered to take their shoes off at the door), and scratches from heavy furniture, these things happen. But if you choose a tile floor, they won't leave a lasting impression on your newly renovated living space. 

Still not convinced that a tile floor that looks like wood is the way to go? Let's talk through some of the benefits of choosing tiles over trees...

forest walnut

1. Stain-resistant

With real wood flooring, it's absolutely vital that spills are cleaned up as soon as they occur, otherwise (you guessed it) you'll find yourself with an unsightly stain on your hands.  Be careful though, taking a wet mop (or anything too wet) to your wood floor can cause it to swell and bow. Now you've got two problems to contend with! Only a damp or a dry cloth should be used to tackle stains on wood floors.

On the other hand, our wood effect porcelain tiles can be wiped clean with no fuss. Spilt liquids will sit on the surface of our porcelain tiles where they can be lifted away with minimal effort leaving nothing but the beautiful wood effect behind. Don't worry, our non-porous tiles won't absorb moisture so you can grab your mop and get the job done without clambering around on your hands and knees. 

2. Scratch-resistant

Alongside your real-wood flooring order, you should probably invest in some furniture pads to prevent the inevitable scratching. Whether it's the TV cabinet, the sofa or the chairs around your dining table, your wood floors will let you know if things have been moved around too forcefully. Without furniture pads, you can expect to see deep grooves, scuffs and scrapes that are incredibly difficult to remove. 

Our porcelain tiles, however, have been put through a rigorous deep abrasion resistance test to ensure that no visible scratching occurs. Even if you do spot a little scuff, we're confident that it can be brushed away. 

Whether you're renovating a home before you move in, or you're sprucing up a room in your existing home, your furniture will need to be moved in after the floor's been laid. Avoid scuffing it from day one by choosing tiles that look like wood.

3. Low maintenance

When it comes to maintaining real wood flooring, you'll be popping out to buy floor cleaner and varnish at least once a year. Without it, your wood floor will start to look dull, worn and lack-lustre. Not ideal if you've just forked out thousands of pounds to have it installed, right? 

PrimaPorcelain wood effect tiles are notorious for requiring minimal maintenance. With a porosity level of less than 0.05%, you'll never need to seal or varnish them. Instead, you'll need to take a warm soapy cloth or mop and give them a quick rinse every now and again, that's all!

 4. Environmentally-friendly

Although the look and feel of nature in your home is appealing, the impact this can have on the environment is less so. In order for you to bring nature indoors, it has to be cut down outdoors. For the environmentally-friendly homeowners amongst you, this idea might not appeal. Luckily for you, our tiles that look like wood might be a great, eco-friendly alternative. 

We source all of our materials in an environmentally way, limiting transportation wherever we can. Once our tiles go into production, we make sure we recoup our waste materials and include information about using them in an environmentally friendly manner in our packaging. Perfect if you're looking to renovate your home without damaging our precious earth.

forest lignum

Our Forest Range

If you've made it this far, we're fairly sure you'll be ready to consider some of our wood-effect porcelain tiles for your home. Our Forest tiles come in four shades, so whether you want to go for a pale pine effect or a deeper oak finish, we've got you covered. Each shade offers a fine texture as well as the charming swirls and knots you expect to see in real wood. Select one of our shades below to find out more. 

For more information about our range of tiles that look like wood, don't hesitate to get in touch. We're happy to help!

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