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Natural stone paving products have come a long way in recent times and new sandstone ranges are now made of top quality materials meaning that you can acquire the beauty of a natural product in a number of environments both indoors and outdoors. The tiles combine versatility with very attractive colours and a superb texture. Sandstone tiles are designed with many hard-wearing features so that they can be used in kitchens, gardens, living areas, commercial settings and many other spaces.

The hammered porcelain tiles are visually stunning but also very resilient offering a moisture-resistant surface that is robust against abrasions and other marks. These unique qualities make the tiles durable and safe as any moisture soon evaporates preventing slips.

The sandstone range offers a number of impressive options to choose from:


With the light tones of the Sandstone White tiles, the effects of real stone are achieved but without the drawbacks. The tiles are constructed from state of the art porcelain manufacturing technology that results in a superb product with a fantastic appearance.

In addition the buff hammered tiles have been designed with minimal porosity that means, unlike traditional sandstone paving, they will not easily absorb water thus preventing stains and slippages and also keeping their appearance through their resistance to abrasions.

Sandstone White tiles are suitable for indoors and outdoors in residential or commercial settings, and different thicknesses can be chosen depending on the environment and specification.


Sandstone Grey is a sophisticated shade that is equally compatible with internal or external use and can even be used in both spaces to create a natural flow from indoors to outdoors for a unique look. The beautiful, muted effect of Sandstone Grey means that these porcelain tiles look good as part of classical internal decor or as a modern outdoor feature.

As with all the buff hammered porcelain tiles in this range, they also have built-in low absorbency and durability and are manufactured using top of the range techniques and come in thicknesses that match requirements and environment.


The darkest tone in the range of buff hammered tiles, Sandstone Black creates a singular, statement look that also retains the look of beautiful brushed stone paving. The striking appearance of this tile means it creates a sensational effect when used in the garden, or indoors in bathrooms or other rooms in the house, and it is equally fitting in commercial surroundings.

Therefore, it's now possible to get creative with sandstone products and re-model your home and commercial environment in a number of ways, including bringing the outdoors inside and designing breath-taking rooms that capture the exquisite appeal of natural stone.




Natural stone tiling and outdoor paving do look incredible, but it is very expensive, even if you find a quarry local to you to save on delivery costs. If you still want that amazing look but at a more reasonable price, why not choose a stone effect tile like the Stoneware range at PrimaPorcelain?

There are so many downsides to having real stone; the most annoying requirement being the need for it to be sealed frequently, more so if it is in contact with water. Our Stoneware range is made from long-lasting and beautiful porcelain and as such never needs to be sealed, even when used outdoors. These tiles will not be affected by water damage as they are not porous, this means they won’t stain or pick up any unsightly marks. Although our tiles look as delightful as real stone, all they need to keep them in pristine condition is an occasional wash with mild soapy water. 

What Colours Are Available?

Our Stoneware range includes Stoneware Sahara, a warm and inviting sandy-coloured tile that will brighten your living space. If you would prefer a slightly darker hue we have Stoneware Greige. You may not have heard of this colour, but it is a mix of sophisticated grey and earthy beige, perfectly designed to be a contemporary alternative to natural stone. 


Darker still are our Stoneware Charcoal tiles that will give any room a notable and distinctive look, but if you would prefer to lighten your indoor or outdoor area, then our Stoneware Silver range are a lovely grey-white colour that will do just that.


All our tiles are available in two thicknesses so that if you would like to join your inside and outside spaces, the same tile can be used to create a continuous flow from indoor to outdoor areas. Our 11mm tiles are perfect for indoors as they have a smooth finish. The 20mm version, however, is perfect for outdoors as they are specifically made with more texture to ensure a higher grip which is safer for outdoor living. 

As an additional bonus, if any of your family suffers from allergies our tiling can help with a much easier way of keeping dust and allergens at bay. Cleaning these tiles is much more effective than trying to keep allergens out of carpet or wood.

Whichever colour you decide to choose, you will be delighted with your Stoneware tiles and paving for years to come. With almost no maintenance required, they are the easy answer to beautiful living.

One thing every homeowner desires is for their exterior to be as inviting and comfortable as the inside of their home, and a patio is a great way of achieving this. If you want a new patio for your home, or are hoping to give your existing patio an overhaul, then look no further than our stunning patio tiles and paving.

We fully appreciate that every home will have its own distinct style and flavour - a home will be as individual as its homeowner. Because of this, we strive on offering as broad and diverse arrange of different patio styles as possible. Our patio tiles come in many different colours, sizes and textures, meaning that there is plenty of room for you to choose a patio that is customised to fit your particular property in terms of both convenience and overall aesthetic.

Of course, with so many options available to you, there is always a good chance that you will find it hard to make a decision when spoilt for choice. But do not worry! Our team is on board to help you to come up with the ideal patio design. If you give us the basic details about the size and shape of your property, we will work alongside you to develop a design perfect for your home. It will not be long before your dream patio is made a reality thanks to our stunning patio tiles and paving!

If you require more information about our patio services, then please let us know and we will answer all of your questions.

 A Porcelain Paver System Designed for Life.

If you’re looking to transform an outdoor living space into a high-class hideaway, then a Porcelain Paver System could be just for you. Consisting of top quality porcelain tiles, it couldn't be easier to install, and can be used indoors or out. With no need for sealing, the tiles are water and frost resistant, meaning once they’ve been put in place they won’t stain or fade, creating a sleek, stylish look guaranteed to impress.

We offer a wide variety of colours and textures that’ll allow you to create a custom-made effect entirely suited to you. Perhaps you favour a natural stone appearance, all without the kind of upkeep ordinarily associated with stone products? Because although the tiles are made of easy to manage porcelain, we think end result is one that’ll easily compete with any of the other, more costly products currently on the market. The safe Porcelain tiles and paving are environmentally friendly. Made from natural raw materials with minimal waste, which is recycled back into the manufacturing process, our porcelain contains no chemicals such as waterproofing agents, varnishes or resins. Unlike natural stone, they are not polished using lead and do not give off any gasses when exposed to flame.

It’s now easier than ever to have a Porcelain Paver System installed, particularly as you won’t need either cement or mortar. In fact, the system means being able to dry-install the tiles, something anyone with even a cursory knowledge of DIY can achieve. If, however, you find you need a little encouragement or advice, our team of professional installers are always ready to lend a helping hand. We also offer free samples of all our products, plus a cutting-edge 3D design service, meaning you’ll be able to plan your look to perfection right from the very start.

So, if you have an outdoor space you feel could be transformed into something really quite special, we’ve got the know-how to help you make that happen. An effective way to enhance and invigorate any alfresco setting, a Porcelain Paving System is a truly cost effective prospect, and one that won’t do any damage to the environment. It's a combination we're very proud of and, we feel, can’t be beaten anywhere else.

Order your free sample today to feel the difference.

Baked to higher temperatures and glazed all round (instead of just on the top surface), porcelain paving is much more durable, damp resistant and weatherproof than traditional ceramic paving. Our elegant Milan Grey paving range is perfect for creating a patio space that is both functional and aesthetically appealing. Using our Milan Grey porcelain paving slabs in your outdoor spaces will create terrace and patio areas that you will love spending time in - and showing off to your friends. Moreover, because this paving is so long-lasting, it will look its best for many years to come. 

Easy to maintain

Our Milan Grey paving slabs come in a thickness of 20mm; this value was chosen as it offers maximum durability and strength. Unlike ceramic, or classic stone, paving slabs, our porcelain slabs are very easy to maintain. There is no need to add sealant to the slabs or to worry about cracks developing due to damp and cold weather. The most that you will usually need to do with these smoothly glazed patio slabs during their lifetime is sweep the leaves off them in the autumn and perhaps give them a quick wash before a to get rid of any dust or dirt before a special garden party.


A range of chic and appealing hues

From classy, light Milan Grey to deep, vivid Milan Graphite (which evokes the charm and authenticity of natural stone), our Milan stone collection has colours to suit everyone's tastes. As well as the Grey and Graphite hues, we also offer a third option: Milan Taupe. This creamy, sophisticated colour looks lovely and warm - perfect for a terrace with an outdoor dining table situated on it. Ordering samples of each of these hues are very easy. Place your order today and see how our Milan Grey range can lift the look of your garden or, balcony or terrace.


Our sophisticated Milan Grey Tiles are currently on offer! There has never been a better time to purchase some gorgeous new paving slabs. As they last much longer than traditional paving slabs, you can think of these Milan Grey Tiles as more of an investment: something that you can enjoy for decades in the future.

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