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This is PrimaPorcelain’s guide to installing a 'Loose Lay' stepping stone path in your garden. It is quick, easy and will enhance any outdoor space visually and practically, giving you year-round access to areas that may get muddy in the winter.

Your stepping stone garden path can be made using porcelain paving slabs you have left over from a bigger project, or you can order PrimaPorcelain paving specifically for this purpose – either way, it is easily achievable even for a novice and your finished path will be truly stunning.

What you’ll need:

  • Straight edge spade
  • Rubber mallet
  • Straight edge or spirit level
  • Brush
  • Gloves (optional)
  • Small bags of sharp sand

STEP ONE – Setting Out:

Plan your path before digging. Lay out your porcelain slabs to determine the ideal spacing and curve if needed.

STEP TWO – Digging Out:

Using the slab as a template, use the spade to cut around the slab.

The slabs are 20mm thick so you will need to cut down into the ground by around 50mm.  This will create a thin sand bed and will help ensure the slab sits slightly below the level of the grass to allow a lawn mower to pass over safely.   Please note: If laying the slabs in gravel or shingle, dig a shallower hole to allow the slab to sit slightly proud of the loose material.


STEP THREE – Laying Out:

Pour a thin bed of sharp sand into the hole making sure you spread it into all corners evenly, leaving a fairly flat surface.

Carefully place the slab in the hole, gently tap with the rubber mallet to ensure the slab is settled on the sand.  Then use a straight edge or spirit level to determine the slab is laid perfectly flat. Fill the gaps around the edges with sand, and finally brush the slab clear of sand. This process can be repeated if movement occurs once the path is finished.

STEP FOUR – Enjoyment and Maintenance:

Your pathway should be very low-maintenance but occasionally a slab may work its way loose, especially in areas of the garden that hold water, step three can be repeated here. 

Laying your path into a cement bed:

The PrimaPorcelain installation team recommend that if you want to lay these stepping stones into a cement bed you need to follow these steps but dig out approximately 50mm deeper to allow for the sand cement bed and use an SBR Bonding agent in the cement mix. They also recommend covering the back of the tile fully with the cement mix rather than the dot/dab method.

To view our range of porcelain paving, click here. Or if you’d like to speak to a member of our team about having a stepping stone path installed as part of your garden project, click here.

Slate is an undeniably beautiful natural stone, but it does have some flaws that make it a problematic choice when tiling a large area. By understanding the different qualities of natural slate and porcelain slate tiles you can make a more educated choice about which tiles are right for your floor.

How is natural slate formed?

Slate is formed underground when minerals and sediments are compressed under intense heat and pressure; these sediments and minerals can be anything from chlorite to mica meaning that natural slate can have a lot of inconsistencies in its colour, quality, and porosity. No two natural slate tiles will be the same.

How are vitrified porcelain tiles made?

Vitrified porcelain tiles are made from clay and water that (much like slate) is put under immense heat and pressure to create a durable, aesthetically pleasing tile. The difference is that the components that make up vitrified porcelain tiles are controlled to ensure that the slate effect tiles have a more uniform appearance and are more structurally consistent.


Maintenance is often a factor that weighs heavily on people’s minds when they’re looking to choose the right material for their floors. Natural slate is quite a crumbly stone. This means that to keep natural slate floors looking their best you’ll need to regularly sweep and seal them– this can be time-consuming and costly. The brittle nature of slate also makes it prone to cracks and chips. These tiles can be hard to replace because the appearance of them is so varied.

On the contrary, slate effect porcelain tiles require almost no maintenance, simply give them the occasional wipe over and they’ll continue to look gorgeous for years to come. Porcelain is far more durable than slate meaning it is less prone to scratching or chipping and therefore, won't need replacing as often (if at all).


As previously mentioned, slate tiles can range from incredibly porous to not very porous at all due to the way slate is formed. This does mean that some slate tiles are very prone to staining and others are not. This can make installing slate tiles in your kitchen or living room (where coffee and food spills are likely to occur) can be a risky move, but it really does depend on the qualities of the particular slate you’re installing. PrimaPorcelain’s slate tiles are notorious for their water-resistance, meaning they are far less likely to stain.

Can slate be installed outdoors?

Slate can be installed outdoors but can become very slippery when wet, a definite issue if you install them anywhere in the United Kingdom. PrimaPorcelain offers two thicknesses of slate porcelain tiles (10mm and 20mm) both of which offer excellent slip resistance making them the perfect choice for creating a visual flow from your inside to your outside space - a clever way to enhance the dimensions of your home.

PrimaPorcelain Slate Tiles:

  • Consistent in colour and structure
  • Incredibly easy to maintain
  • Water-resistant
  • Perform well indoors and outdoors
  • Available in a range of colours

Do you think PrimaPorcelain slate tiles are the right option for you? If so, take a look at our slate range by clicking the button below:

View our Porcelain Slate Range here >

We have come to expect a lot of rain and snow throughout the autumn and winter months and many porous stone tiles emerge in spring looking a little worse for wear.

PrimaPorcelain products all come with a 10-year guarantee, are frost proof and have been given a unique slip resistance Grip Factor rating so you can purchase paving stones to withstand the many winters to come with confidence.

When you see this symbol on any of our products, it indicates the product has been awarded a Grip Factor of 5. This means the paving has a high-grip surface, reducing the likelihood of you having a fall in your garden this winter due to a slippery surface underfoot.

We have selected some of our favourite tiles that have a Grip Factor of 5, however many others also have this rating so be sure to look for this symbol when browsing tiles across the site.

Stoneware Tiles & Paving

Our Stoneware Collection combines the characteristics of real stone with PrimaPorcelain’s top-grade materials to ensure that these paving stones will look good and last all winter! Available in 4 colourways to suit any garden for years to come. Click below to shop the Stoneware Collection.

View Stoneware Collection >


Bolzano Tiles and Paving

These beautiful Bolzano tiles have a concrete effect that is perfect for indoor and outdoor flooring. They too are made of high-grade PrimaPorcelain that protects from frost and water damage. Click below to shop our Bolzano Tiles and Paving.

View Bolzano Collection >

If you have any questions regarding our tiles and paving, please do not hesitate to contact us by calling 02920 803 756 or send us an email at info@primaporcelain.co.uk. Remember, for a closer look at any of our tiles you can order 3 FREE SAMPLES today.

Bring a touch of modern elegance to any indoor or outdoor living space with PrimaPorcelain’s range of contemporary tiles and paving. With a diverse selection of low-maintenance porcelain tiles and slabs, you are guaranteed to find a flooring option that provides a distinctly modern appeal that you’ll love. We have a wide-ranging collection of light, mid and dark stone tiles and slabs, that aim to not just modernise any space they’re used in, but to inject a rich touch of luxury. Our contemporary porcelain range consists of 6 different styles, inspired by stunning Italian landscapes, Bolzano, Siena, Milan, GenoaModena and Tirolo, guaranteed to bring the latest trends into your living space.


Our gorgeous range of Bolzano porcelain tiles and paving is available in 3 different colours and two different sizes, making them ideal a for a number of different environments and designs. Coming in White, Grey and Graphite, these porcelain tiles and slabs offers a diverse selection of shades and tones that are ideal if you’re looking for a specific look and feel for your living space.

View our Bolzano Range >


These porcelain paving slabs offer a variegated colour with an appealing natural-stone texture, perfect for adding a modern and glamorous touch to your exterior living space. With an authentic finish and appearance, these porcelain slabs not only look gorgeous, but they are also extremely low-maintenance, meaning your outdoor space will stay looking beautiful for years to come with virtually no effort. As this product is only available in a 20mm thickness, we recommend they be used outdoors only.

View our Siena Range >


Our stunning Milan porcelain paving slabs are available in two contrasting colours, guaranteed to bring an elegant feel to your outdoor space while serving as the ideal complement to any other chosen designs. Manufactured with a superior thickness of 20mm, these porcelain slabs are well-suited suited to any exterior environment and will continue to look good for many years.

View our Milan Range >


These beautiful paving slabs are named after the port city in Northwest Italy and would not look out of place on a terrace overlooking the Mediterranean. Perfect for the use within roofs and balconies, our Genoa porcelain slabs come in two contrasting colours, Cream and Grey, guaranteed to take your living space to the next level. As well as offering a natural Mediterranean feel, these contemporary porcelain slabs offer high levels of grip and resistance to fading, ideal for keeping your outdoor space looking stunning for quite some time.

View our Genoa Range >


Our Modena porcelain range comes in two striking colours and thicknesses. Available in Platinum and Gunmetal, these porcelain tiles and slabs offer an exceptionally contemporary look to any interior and exterior living space. Their metallic styled appearance allows you to create a modern design that meets the requirements of all the latest flooring trends.

View our Modena Range >


These bright and beautiful contemporary tiles are named after the picturesque province in Northern Italy and are perfect for anyone looking to lighten up any indoor or outdoor living space. Featuring a linear design and bursting with a sophisticated feel, our range of Tirolo porcelain tiles and paving come in three light colours that will never go out of fashion, the ideal addition to liven up your living space for many, many years.

View our Tirolo Range >

As you can see, our collection of contemporary tiles and slabs come in an array of colours and looks, perfect for a number of different design ideas. With practically zero maintenance required, our contemporary porcelain products allow you to fully enjoy your living space without the stress and effort of having to keep them looking good. With the ability to be either traditionally installed using a suitable adhesive or via our revolutionary pedestal support system, you should not look any further than PrimaPorcelain when it comes to choosing your new flooring option.

If you have any questions regarding our range of contemporary tiles and paving, then please do not hesitate to contact us by calling 02920 803 756 or emailing us at info@primaporcelain.co.uk. For a closer look at our contemporary range, do not forget to order your 3 FREE samples today.

When you are building or renovating, a beautiful floor finish rounds up the whole work in a spectacular way. What a better way to create that stunning floor than to use natural looking tiles and slabs. PrimaPorcelain offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor flooring solutions that are high quality and low maintenance. Our luxurious new Travertine range is certainly worth investigating. Our travertine tile and paving range includes:

1. Travertine Ivory

These Ivory tiles and paving slabs feature delicate shade variation which gives them a more natural feel and look. Their light coloured finish brightens up your living space, giving you a feeling of space and light,  These robust tiles are resistant to scratching, fading and staining and require little maintenance . Additionally, the paving slabs require no sealing yet they are durable and look as good as new all the time. 

2. Travertine Cream

These tiles closely resemble limestone blocks because of their creamy-beige colour (which is darker) and contour patterns. They are easy to clean especially because of their darker finish. Stains practically disappear among the tile patterns and a simple wipe restores them to their original classical appearance. They require no maintenance and all these benefits make them the most sought after choice for flooring projects. 

3. Travertine Grey 

These tiles have a much darker finish with a textured appearance that leave your indoors and outdoors with a cool, modern look. They are scratch resistant, fade resistant and slip resistant making them durable and safe. They are ideal for almost all types of floors and leave a stunning finish which looks expensive because of their marble like appearance. 

All these tiles are available in two thicknesses, each with its own properties and recommended usage areas. These are:

10mm Thick Tiles

These tiles have a fine textured surface which gives them just enough grip to be used indoors. They would otherwise be slippery when used in wet conditions or hilly surfaces, conditions mostly encountered outdoors. On a grip scale of between 1 (low slip resistance) and 5 (high slip resistance), they have a grip factor of 3. Each of the 1 cm thick tiles measures 120 cm by 60 cm and requires to be installed using a suitable adhesive on a concrete foundation.

20mm Thick Paving Slabs

These paving slabs have a textured surface which gives them high grip across all conditions. This makes them ideal for usage outdoors or in wet conditions. They have a high grip factor of 5 which is the highest on the grip factor scale and this qualifies them for bathroom floors and swimming pool surrounds. Each tile measures 90 cm by 60 cm and can be installed without any adhesive on pedestal supports or installed on concrete foundations using cement or an SBR bonding agent. 

The travertine tile range has almost any type of tile to suit your floor finishing needs. Depending on your taste select either tiles or slabs or both to create that stunning floor you have always been dreaming of.

Order your FREE samples today.

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