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While we mainly provide porcelain paving for residential use, our products are equally perfect for anyone who needs commercial paving! Porcelain can be used in all kinds of ways, and no matter what business you're in, we're fairly confident that we'll be able to offer you something.

If, for example, you own a restaurant, our durable outdoor paving will provide your patrons with an elegant exterior seating area. We also stock porcelain floor tiles for interior use, so you could give the restaurant itself a classy makeover too!

Or perhaps you're in the retail design business; perhaps you're designing the flagship store of a future high street giant, and you need a beautiful flooring product that will take the whole space to another level. Hard-wearing porcelain tiles are perfect for a shop environment!

No matter what your requirements are, commercial paving and tiles from PrimaPorcelain will work wonders for you. Call 02920 2037 1584 to talk about your project's specific needs.


You don't have to be an estate agent to know that a nice garden will boost the value of the home it's attached to. The positive effect on property value is one of the most common arguments for redesigning the back yard, and while it's kind of a shame to put all that effort into a space that you don't intend to use, the opportunity to get a higher price for your home is not to be sneezed at, especially in the current economic climate.

But there are hundreds of different ways to beautify a garden, and if you're serious about designing your way to a higher price tag, then you'll have to think up a good strategy first. Back in 2013, thisismoney.co.uk ran an article about the relationship between nice gardens and property value. They came to the conclusion that a big, extravagant garden design can actually discourage potential buyers, especially if they aren't keen gardeners themselves. A meticulously-manicured outdoor space is impressive, certainly, but these things require a lot of looking after; if the new owners aren't prepared to put in the hours, that once-wonderful garden will fall to rack and ruin before long.

So while a big, showy garden might well bump up the estimated value, you're more likely to actually sell your home if your garden is reasonably low-maintenance. And that's where we come in - low-maintenance is our middle name! Our gorgeous garden paving products require almost no care whatsoever, and they're still attractive enough to justify a nice big asking price.

So don't bother fiddling with flowers and tinkering with herbaceous border; you're more likely to catch a buyer's eye by offering them a garden that's beautiful without being a burden. Our minimal-effort porcelain paving looks absolutely stunning, and the new occupants can use it any way they see fit without worrying about the upkeep.

To find out more about our low-maintenance porcelain paving, call 02920 371584 or email info@porcelainpaving.co.uk.

One of the problems with natural stone products – particularly limestone paving, it seems – is how easily they fade. Sure, you’ll be utterly infatuated with those gorgeous stones when they’ve only just been laid, but leave them out in the sun and they’ll be washed-out and ugly before you know it.

This frustrating fade can be prevented with a good coat of sealer, but as you’re probably well aware by now, our motto here at PrimaPorcelain is ‘why bother?’ Applying sealer on a regular basis is just another chore to do, and if you spend a lot of time in the garden, you’ve probably got plenty of chores on your plate already. So why bother sealing your natural stone slabs when you could just plump for some porcelain and bypass the whole problem?

Our porcelain patio slabs are fade-resistant, which means that the look they come with will be the look they keep. Quartz paving, for example, wouldn’t look nearly as lovely if that intricate, colourful veneer went all grey and bleached after a bit of sunshine; fortunately, we realised that fading could be a problem, and we’ve done everything we can to stop it before we can start.

If you want an attractive outdoor floor that doesn’t fade away, porcelain patio slabs are the product for you. Drop us a line on info@porcelainpaving.co.uk to find out more.

Italy has given the world a lot of good things, and curiously enough, rather a lot of them begin with the letter P. You've got pizza and pasta, obviously, but the Italians also came up with parachutes, pianos, petrol engines....and, of course, perfect porcelain paving products! All of the tiles and pavers we supply are sourced straight from Italy, so your newly-tiled outdoor space will have a Mediterranean magnificence that's absent from other porcelain tiles.

Italian porcelain production has a rich history, and the Italian for cool, classy style is evident in every porcelain tile we provide. Just look at the creamy complexion of our Limestone Champagne paving, or the classical design that makes the Bluestone Vintage tiles so appealing, and you'll see just how exquisite this Italian porcelain is.

Of course, appearances are only half the battle, and our Italian porcelain would be a lot less impressive if it weren't so robust. Fortunately, the Refin team have made their products as well-built as they are beautiful; once you've laid your porcelain tiles, they'll need very little in the way of care and maintenance to keep them looking good.

So push aside poor porcelain products and plump for some proper Italian porcelain, pronto!

Which is more convincing: a thousand-word essay that’s packed with purple prose, emotive language, and several very good reasons to invest in some porcelain tiles...or a picture of those porcelain tiles in situ? Perhaps if you’re really keen on reading, you’ll choose the essay, but we’d wager that ninety-nine percent of people would be far more taken in by the pictures.

And that’s exactly why we’ve packed our porcelain paving website with so many pretty pictures. Regardless of how good our writing skills are, words alone can’t paint a picture as vivid as an actual photograph. Shakespeare himself would struggle!

So if our blog posts and product descriptions don’t sway you, we’d heartily recommend taking a look at our Outdoor Porcelain Gallery before you tighten your purse strings entirely. We can tell you all about how durable these porcelain pavers are, how they’re versatile enough to be used inside and out, but porcelain has plenty of appeal that simply can’t be put into words. You simply have to see it for yourself!

In short, then: if our words don’t convince you that porcelain paving is practically perfect, our pictures most certainly will! Check out the Gallery today.

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