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As you may have noticed, we've made a few changes to the PrimaPorcelain website of late. We now have a stylish new design and a huge range of new products, but perhaps the biggest change of all is the addition of the PrimaPorcelain Product Selector.

The Product Selector is a handy little tool that makes it easier than ever to find the perfect porcelain for your project. The filters allow you to specify...
  • ...where you are installing your tiles (indoors, outdoors, or both)
  • ...which colour you would like (choose from cream, beige, grey, brown and black)
  • ...the texture you are looking for (we offer polished, smooth, fine textured, or textured/grip)
Once you have ticked the boxes that apply to your project, our Product Selector will narrow our range right down, only showing you the products that fit your requirements. For example, you can ask to see polished beige tiles for an indoor space, or black paving slabs with a textured finish that's suitable for outdoor use. No matter what you need, our Product Selector will find it for you!

Of course, if you prefer, you can simply ignore the Product Selector tool and browse through our entire range. It all looks rather splendid, and we're certain that at least one of our designs will catch your eye!

Click here to give PrimaPorcelain's Product Selector a try.

Hello! We've been extremely busy of late, which is why we haven't updated the blog for a while, but rest assured that we're still transforming gardens up and down the country! Here are some pictures of our latest work:

Cowbridge School

 This is an outdoor seating area at Cowbridge Comprehensive, a secondary school in the Vale of Glamorgan. We provided two different types of porcelain paving for this space - Bluestone Midnight (the darker slabs in the centre) and Quartz (around the edge). We love this use of two contrasting colours, and the students at Cowbridge Comp now have a far more attractive place to eat, study, and meet with their friends!


Porcelain patio

This is a garden in London that we helped to improve with our Limestone Vanilla porcelain paving. As usual, the light and creamy tones look absolutely wonderful in the sunshine - we're particularly fond of the step (also paved with Limestone Vanilla) that joins the patio to the back door. It looks absolutely seamless!


Transition between indoors and outdoors

Speaking of seamless, feast your eyes on this beautiful image! This garden is located in the Worcester Park region of Surrey; the client opted for Dark Grey Granite Paving (one of the most recent additions to our collection), and we love how the new patio segues seamlessly outwards from the interior tiles. Amazing!

Our elegant porcelain paving products are perfect for architectural projects, and if you don't want to take our word for it, perhaps a vote of confidence from one of the UK's leading architecture resources will convince you. For the last twenty years, the Architects Datafile magazine has provided Britain's architects with invaluable information and a variety of thought-provoking articles, and we're pleased to report that our beautiful porcelain tiles were recently featured on their website.

The piece is entitled Porcelain Tiles for Outside & In! and you can read it by clicking on that link. The article covers both Out 2.0 paving and our In.Out 1.0 porcelain tiles, giving architects an impression of the beauty and versatility our products can provide. Porcelain is a great choice for interiors and landscapes alike - offices, gardens, homes, parks, and public buildings could all benefit from the inimitable look of our porcelain tiles and paving.

If you're an architect, and you would like to find out more about what we can offer your project, feel free to get in touch. Email info@porcelainpaving.co.uk or telephone 029 2037 1584 to discuss your requirements and request a quote. Our porcelain experts will help to create the perfect solution for you and your client.

Hello and welcome to PorcelainPaving.co.uk! Our porcelain products are imported straight from Italy, and we think you’ll agree that they make a fine and fabulous outdoor floor.

These high-quality 2cm thick outdoor porcelain paving slabs are new to the UK and are only available from Greensquares in the UK, so if you want a gorgeously unique look for your back garden, now’s your chance! Porcelain paving can give outdoor spaces a magnificently Mediterranean feel, and even the unpredictable British weather won’t diminish its beauty – it really is the perfect outdoor paving product, as you’ll discover when you’re browsing our brand new website. Take some time to look around, and you’ll soon be as passionate about porcelain paving as we are!

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