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Italian Limestone Tiles & Paving Slabs

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From rustic stone-walled areas to minimal modern spaces, our Italian Limestone range is suitable for a wide array of designs. Our 60 x 60cm Italian Limestone tiles look just as beautiful as natural stone paving slabs, but as they are made of porcelain, they are far better-suited to the rigours of a hectic modern lifestyle.

Your Italian Limestone porcelain tiles will require hardly any maintenance at all, even if used outdoors. Porcelain’s naturally low porosity protects it from water damage and staining, and the thick, sturdy tiles can cope with busy commercial spaces as well as with private / residential use.

Choose from the following designs:

Italian Limestone Champagne

Firstly, we have the luscious Italian Limestone Champagne paving and tiles – these sumptuous slabs are characterised by their unique textured surface. The 1cm tiles and 2cm paving slabs are an exquisite alternative to real limestone; their beautiful tones will complement so many outdoor and interior designs, and they perform far better than their natural stone counterparts.

Our Italian Limestone Champagne tiles are so called because of their soft golden colour; the luxurious quality and feel that they offer is every bit as appealing as the sparkling wine of the same name.
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Italian Limestone Antique

Italian Limestone Antique is a gorgeous, beige-coloured option with an appealing texture and outstanding resilience that allows it to be used in just about any space. This product is ideal for classical, contemporary, and ‘shabby chic’ designs alike.

With two different thicknesses (1cm and 2cm) to choose from, our Italian Limestone Antique tiles can be used in indoor and outdoor projects.
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Italian Limestone Vanilla

Our Italian Limestone Vanilla tiles don’t have quite the same level of texture as our Champagne design; instead, they have a softer quality that still wonderfully mirrors the much sought-after beauty of natural stone. As with all of our fine Italian porcelain, these vanilla porcelain floor tiles and paving slabs stand up to stains, scratches and splashes, so your gleaming new space will keep its good looks for years to come!
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Italian Limestone Fawn

These gorgeous fawn-coloured tiles blend the unrefined beauty of natural stone with the smooth, contemporary appeal of porcelain, resulting in a subtle yet sublime flooring solution that’s equally at home in traditional and contemporary spaces.

Italian Limestone Fawn is available in two different thicknesses: 1cm and 2cm. The 1cm tiles can be installed indoors or out using a suitable adhesive; the 2cm tiles are specifically designed for outdoor use, and can be dry-installed using our ingenious paving support system.
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Italian Limestone Latte

With a neutral colour that integrates itself wonderfully into almost any design, our Italian Limestone Latte tiles are an excellent choice for those seeking a truly luxurious look. These stone-effect tiles look very authentic indeed, but unlike stone, they don’t require any sealing or staining to stay at their best.

As with the Fawn tiles, our Italian Limestone Latte tiles come in two different thicknesses. The 2cm version is intended for outdoor use, and can be laid without any cement or adhesive using our paving supports, whereas the 1cm can be used in any space but must be installed using traditional adhesives.
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Italian Limestone Vintage

The Italian Limestone Vintage design is a stunning dappled grey with beautiful, natural-looking waves of colour. If you look closely you’ll see a range of different greys naturally implemented in the tile, creating a really gorgeous and unique finish. No two tiles are quite the same, so you’ll get a natural pattern that is truly sublime.

With a versatile colour which works just as well indoors as it does outdoors, our Italian Limestone Vintage paving won’t disappoint and will retain its immaculate surface for years to come with little to no maintenance required.
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Italian Limestone Midnight

Italian Limestone Midnight is a beautiful charcoal grey porcelain tile. The depth of this dark grey design is nicely softened by the subtle flecks of white which feature in each individual tile. It’s a bolder choice than the Italian Limestone Vintage design, and will undoubtedly provide a bolder interior design move.

Italian Limestone Midnight blends a modern minimalistic feel with a traditional look, ensuring these tiles and slabs are versatile enough to suit any design scheme you wish to use them in.
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