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20mm White Pine Paving Slabs

If you want to get the Scandinavian look in your outdoor space, our Forest White Pine paving is the perfect way to do it. These floorboard-like tiles are scrape and fade resistant, not to mention the fact that they hold up very well in wet weather.

Each paving tile is 20mm thick, granting this product superb strength and stability and making Forest White Pine an excellent choice for all kinds of outdoor spaces.

Thickness: 20mm Dimensions: 40cm x 120cm

Was £80.00 m2 Inc VAT 
Now £60.00 m2 Inc VAT
21 Design Variations
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Watch the Video for a Better Look!

If our Forest White Pine paving sounds perfect for your patio, why not watch our video and take a closer look at what these pine-effect ‘boards’ actually look like once in place? We think they’re utterly spectacular, and once you’ve seen them with your own eyes, we’re confident that you’ll agree with us.

21 Design Variations

Our 20mm Stoneware Silver porcelain tiles have 21 different ‘faces’. This should mean that relatively few tiles within your new floor will be exact duplicates of one another. This wide range of faces creates a realistic, subtly varied effect without spoiling the nice, consistent look of your porcelain tile floor.

Grip Factor - 5

5 is our highest Grip Factor rating, so you can rest assured that your White Pine paving slabs will perform exceptionally well once installed. Even when the weather is very cold or wet, these high-grip tiles will minimise the risk of slips.

Moderate (V3) Colour Variation

To enhance the authenticity of our pine-effect paving slabs, you will notice some colour variation in your paving – that is, no two tiles will look exactly alike or have the same precise colour. Perfect for creating that highly sought-after organic effect!

Textured/Grip Paving

Our Forest White Pine paving has a high-grip finish that’s ideal for outdoor spaces like your garden or patio. The slabs’ textured surface is very visually appealing, too, not to mention pleasantly tactile.
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Pattern Layout Options
Pattern Layout
Product Specifications
40cm x 120cm
Textured Grip
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Dry Install or Suitable Adhesive

You Don’t Need Cement to Install our White Pine Paving!

Thanks to our innovative pedestal support system, Forest White Pine paving slabs (as well as all of our other 20mm thick tiles) can be ‘dry-installed’ with no cement or mortar whatsoever. This makes the installation process far more straightforward, and less messy as well! The pedestal supports even leave room for you to run cables underneath the paving slabs if needs be.Find Out More
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