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20mm PavingPlus Cotswold Silver Paving

Cotswold Silver porcelain tiles benefit from modern technology, boasting a hard-wearing composition that’s both abrasion resistant and slip-resistant, even in cold, frosty weather.

These tiles also feature a stunning tonality that adds their authentic appeal and provide a truly natural finish when the final paver is laid.

Each of our Cotswold Silver pavers measures 60cm x 90cm with a thickness of 20mm for enhanced durability capable of withstanding whatever Mother Nature has to throw them.

Thickness: 20mm Dimensions: 60cm x 90cm

Was £64.00 m2 Inc VAT 
Now £48.00 m2 Inc VAT
8 Design Variations

A More Detailed Look

Check out our Cotswold Silver pavers in this video and see them in full working order now. Alternatively, why not order a free sample and get the real deal deliver straight to your door? For a full rundown, head on down to your local Prima showroom today to talk with one of our experts.Order A Sample

8 Design Variations

Not all of our Cotswold Silver paving slabs look exactly alike! In fact, this product comes in 8 different ‘faces’, helping you to ensure that no two adjacent tiles are entirely identical. The subtle differences between the 8 different design variations will give your finished patio an appealingly natural aesthetic.

Grip Factor - 5

Naturally, outdoor tiles are subjected to a variety of weather that can present an increased risk of slipping and sliding. To combat this, we created the Grip Factor rating to measure each tile’s traction. Cotswold Silver slabs scored extremely well with a Grip Factor of 5.

Shade Variation (V4)

With a Shade Variation of V4, the Cotswold Silver tiles feature a high degree of tonal variation between tiles. This not only provides a stunningly beautiful aesthetic but also provides a thoroughly realistic stony appearance that accurately mimics the real thing.

Textured Grip

Deliberately engineered to impersonate the organic look of stone, our Cotswold Silver pavers mimic the composition down to the grain. This includes the texture too and each tile feels just like the real thing to the touch, with a grainy stone-like surface that as real as faux-stone can get.
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Paving Pedestal Supports

Our 20mm Cotswold Silver porcelain tiles are specifically engineered to be used outdoors; however, did you know that you don’t need to use traditional cement methods to lay them? Our unique pedestal support system allows for completely dry installation, meaning no hassle, no dry times and, best of all, no sticky mess. You can even walk on your new pavers the very moment the final paver is laid!Find Out More
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