Moisture-resistant porcelain does not stain because it does not allow water into the material; the only cleaning required is warm, soapy water once a year to remove any debris and organic matter (grass, soil, leaves, etc.). Pressure washing is also suitable for PrimaPorcelain and won’t damage/wear the surface like it can with natural stone. Eco friendly flooring Concerned that natural stone paving slabs would be better for the environment? Don’t worry – our products are extremely eco-friendly too. Made from natural raw materials with minimal waste, which is recycled back into the manufacturing process, porcelain contains no waterproofing agents, varnishes or resins. Unlike natural stone paving, it is not polished using lead and does not give off any gasses when exposed to flame. During the manufacturing process, every possible measure is taken to recycle water and save energy. Below left and right: PrimaPorcelain paving 7 Tirolo Cream