Porcelain versus natural stone The key benefit of choosing porcelain over natural stone paving is porcelain’s very low porosity (less than 0.05%). Stone paving slabs vary greatly in porosity, meaning that it is very difficult to choose a natural paving stone that is especially non-porous. Higher porosity leads to dirt and staining, which will ruin your paving slabs for good! As natural stone is porous it needs sealing to keep moisture and dirt from getting into the stone and staining it. Many types of stone – sandstone, for example – require a regular sealing regime as the sealant weathers and wears away over time. If natural stone paving goes unprotected, and dirt penetrates the stone, it becomes costly and almost impossible to clean. 6 Call 029 2080 3756 or visit www.primaporcelain.co.uk Why porcelain is better than natural stone No-one can deny the beauty of natural stone paving, but we genuinely believe that porcelain is an even more appealing option whilst being suitable for any project whether its indoors or out. It is every bit as attractive as real stone and porcelain’s performance is significantly better in several areas: No sealing required Easy to clean Low porosity Maintenance free Scratch resistant Scratchproof, frostproof and fireproof More moisture resistant Looks great all of the time Stays clean Less dirt and staining Below left and right: Natural stone paving