Texture and grip Smooth and fine textured surfaces are available for indoor use and PrimaPorcelain’s 1cm tiling range offers a variety of styles to meet all your requirements. To help you match the right texture and grip to your application, we have allocated each product with a grip factor from 1 to 5. Our smooth interior tiles have a grip factor of 1 or 2; our external paving, which has the most evident relief, is factored between 3 and 5. For areas, inside or outside, you will find examples of our 1cm tiling that incorporates a raised profile grip, helping to ensure sound footing for all uses (a minimum grip factor of 3 is required for exterior installations). As you will see from the pictures alongside, our 1cm Tirolo Grey tile has a smoother finish and grip factor of 2 – whereas the 2cm equivalent (on page 13) is textured and has a grip factor of 5 Full details can be found on the PrimaPorcelain website. Indoors and out Consider linking your new interior flooring with a fresh look for your patio, garden or balcony. Some PrimaPorcelain products are available in 1cm as well as 2cm and in similar shades and styles for a consistent, elegant appearance that also makes the most of extensions, conservatories, bifold door improvements or a SunSpaces garden building. 1cm Tirolo Grey (smooth) - grip factor 2 1cm Quartz Sunrise (smooth) Grip factor 2 15