Texture and grip For outside areas you will require paving that incorporates a textured profile grip, which more than matches the tactile comforts of natural stone materials and, most importantly, helps to ensure sound footing. For easy definition, we have awarded each PrimaPorcelain product a grip factor. PrimaPorcelain paving for outdoor use has a grip factor ranging from 3 to 5, according to the amount of relief present on each paving. The photographs alongside illustrate the grip of two examples of paving products – compare this to the grip of their 1cm counterparts on page 15. As you will see from the pictures alongside, our 2cm Quartz Sunrise slab has a textured finish and grip factor of 5 – whereas the 1cm equivalent on page 15 is smooth and has and a grip factor of 2. You can find out more about grip factor on the PrimaPorcelain website. Seamless transition from indoors to outdoors Combine the 2cm thick paving with tiles from our 1cm thick range to create a seamless transition from your inside to outdoor living space. 2cm Tirolo Grey (textured grip) - grip factor 5 2cm Quartz Sunrise (textured grip) - grip factor 5 13