12 Call 029 2080 3756 or visit www.primaporcelain.co.uk 2cm thick outdoor porcelain paving slabs Until very recently, porcelain was only produced in relatively thin profile - around 9-12mm thick. This meant the product had to be installed onto an adhesive or mortar/cement base, depending on application type. Our manufacturers have almost 50 years of experience with this material and have harnessed all this knowledge and experience to develop a thicker profile. 2cm thick porcelain can now be used as a structural paving slab. For the first time porcelain can be dry installed onto support pedestals as it is load bearing and does not require a mortar base to support the whole surface area. This has revolutionised the use of porcelain for outdoor flooring – from residential outdoor living areas to large, commercial areas that are subjected to very heavy pedestrian foot traffic. Using our pedestal supports allows you to achieve a level surface very easily whilst also increasing both thermal and acoustic insulation. This is the quick and easy solution for installation as no paving skills are necessary – ideal for DIY enthusiasts! No mortar, adhesive or grout is required for installation meaning the 2cm paving range is clean to install and that the surface can be used immediately. Should dry installation not be feasible, these 2cm slabs can also be laid in the traditional manner on a mortar/cement base or adhesive base. You must use an SBR bonding agent if installing onto a mortar base. 2cm Italian Limestone Vintage