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20mm Bodmin Anthracite Detail
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20mm PavingPlus Bodmin Anthracite Paving

Each PavingPlus Bodmin Anthracite paving slab a tactile matt finish that’s deliberately enhanced for slip/frost resistance and neatly rectified for a clean finish that’s sure to impress.

Designed to look good and last, the porcelain properties of this classically modern paving make it a true standout tile in our collection.

Each of our Bodmin Anthracite tile has dimensions of 40cm x 81cm with a robust thickness of 20mm for optimal outdoor durability.

Thickness: 20mm Dimensions: 40cm x 81cm

Was£48.00 m2Inc VAT
Now£36.00 m2Inc VAT
12 Design Variations

PavingPlus Bodmin Anthracite: Specifications

Grip Factor - 4

Outdoor pavers are naturally required to have a high level of grip in order to withstand the demands of the cold and wet weather. We measure our tiles on a scale of 1-5 and are happy to report that Bodmin Anthracite tiles score an impressive 4.

Shade Variation (V3)

With a Shade Variation of V3, the Bodmin Anthracite paving slab feature a moderate difference in design from tile to tile. The result of this is a mild gradient that provides a stylish colour variation that also adds to the overall authenticity of the design.

Textured Grip

Our Bodmin Anthracite paving slabs don’t just look the part, they feel the part too, boasting a rocky texture that accurately simulates genuine stone virtually down to the grain. Slightly rougher to the touch, these tiles have been painstakingly engineered to be virtually indistinguishable.

12 Design Variations

Our stunning Bodmin Anthracite paving slabs come in 12 different design variations (also known as ‘faces’). Instead of manufacturing all of the tiles to look exactly identical, we vary them to create a subtle but alluring discrepancy between one paving slab and the next. This should make your finished patio look more natural overall.

A More Detailed Look

If you’re interested in seeing more of this stunning tile, why not watch this video and see it in action? Better yet order a sample now and get the real deal sent to your home. Alternatively, visit your local PrimaPorcelain showroom today and see the finished article for yourself.Order A Sample
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Paving Pedestal Supports

Specifically designed for outdoor use, our 20mm Bodmin Anthracite porcelain slabs can be installed traditionally using cement with a suitable bonding agent; however, they can also be laid completely dry using our revolutionary pedestal support system. Without sticky adhesives, this method is quick, easy and, best of all, completely mess-free! You can even walk on them straight away as there’s no drying time needed.Find Out More

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